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How to Import Photographs into BiteFX

Posted by Stuart Harman on Wed, Oct 23, 2013 @ 13:10 PM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this describe the imagearticle Stu explains how to import your own photographs into BiteFX.


BiteFX was developed to make the process of explaining complex occlusal concepts to your patients more effective than traditional 2-D and 3-D models, and other traditional methods used in the past. A proven, effective method of presenting these occlusal concepts to your patients is to use a combination of animations and photographs to explain normal and abnormal occlusion. BiteFX provides over 70 animations and over 100 clinical photographs that can be used to great effect in your patient consultations.

Animation Panel

Figure 1. Animation Panel


Picture Panel

Figure 2. Picture Panel


Moreover, using photographs of the patient’s own teeth is an even more effective method to transfer ownership of the disease to the patient, resulting in a more receptive attitude when presented with treatment recommendations. For this reason, the BiteFX software makes it easy for you to import your own photographs to use in your BiteFX consultation.

Your imported photographs can be selected individually from the picture panel, or organized into custom sequences (also referred to as user-defined sequences) consisting of sets of animations and photographic images that streamlines the BiteFX presentation process (refer to the BiteFX blog, How to Create a Custom Sequence in BiteFX to learn more about creating custom sequences).

The first step is to create a folder to contain the photograph (image) files you wish to import. Even if you only intend to import one file, you still must create a folder and put that file in it. For dental offices that have more than one BiteFX computer, it is highly recommended that your folders be created on one of your server directories that can be accessed by all of your BiteFX computers.

Folder Plus Open Folder

Figure 3. Folder on Directory and Open Folder Showing Contents


 Any photographs or image files you wish to import into the BiteFX software must be in the JPEG, bitmap, or PNG format. Although the folder may include other files (for example Word, Excel, etc.), only the JPEG, bitmap, or PNG files will be imported into BiteFX. It should also be noted that, although we use the term “import”, this import process does not actually move the folder from its original location into BiteFX; the process merely creates a software pointer in the BiteFX software. So, although the file thumbnails appear in BiteFX, the actual source files are still located in the original location where they were originally saved.  Therefore, when you select an imported photograph, the BiteFX software directs the computer to open the associated file located in the folder where it was originally saved (for example, your server).

Once you’ve created your folder and saved the image files you wish to import, the next step is browse to the folder you’ve created and import the folder as an album. There are three ways to do this:

  1. From inside the Album panel window,
  2. From the Main Screen with the Animation panel, Picture panel or Album panel open, or
  3. By holding down the Alt  + N keys on your keyboard with any BiteFX window displayed

Importing an Album from the Album Panel Window

  1. Open the BiteFX Album panel by clicking on the Album panel on/off button.

Album panel button

  1. The Album panel window will open displaying thumbnails of all of the album groups that are present in the Picture panel, including any albums that may have already been imported.

Album panel


  1. Click on the Add new… icon:      

describe the image

  1. A Browse For Folder screen will appear allowing you to find the folder you want to import.

Browse For Folder


  1. Click on the file name to select it (the folder name will be highlighted as shown above with the folder Adams, P), and then click on OK. A thumbnail image of the first photograph in the folder will appear in the Album panel window; in the image below, the album Adams, P has been imported.

Imported Thumbnail Appears

  1. Note that the imported album thumbnail has two features that the BiteFX-provided albums do not include:
    1. A red X in the upper left corner that allows you to remove an imported album from the Album panel (which also automatically removes the photographs contained in that album from the Picture panel).
    2. A silhouette of a person with the international “No” symbol that allows you to hide the images.


Importing an Album from the Main Screen

  1. With either the Animation panel, Picture panel, or Album panel selected, click on the Add new… button in the lower right corner of the main screen.

Main Screen Add New Button


  1. The same Browse for Folder screen will appear to allow you to find the folder you want to import. After selecting the folder name and clicking on OK, whichever window is currently displayed will remain open.


Importing an Album Using the Keyboard Shortcut Keys

  1. With any BiteFX window selected, while holding down the Alt key, press the “N” key (Alt + N). This will open the same Browse For Folder screen as described previously to allow you to find the folder you wish to import.
  2. Find the folder you wish to import, select it and then click on OK.
  3. Whichever window is currently displayed will remain open.


With the picture panel open, you’ll note that imported photographs will always be placed in a row below the BiteFX-provided albums. A quick way to find your imported photographs in the Picture panel is to open the Album panel, and click in the center of the imported album thumbnail you wish to view. The picture panel will open and automatically scroll down so the row of imported pictures is visible.


Importing Albums Recap

  1. Create a folder and save the photographs you want to import in that folder.
  2. Click on the Add new… icon.
  3. Browse to the folder you want to import and click on the name to highlight it.
  4. Click on OK.


If you need further assistance learning how import photographs into the BiteFX, please contact us by email at your convenience, or by telephone Mon-Fri  8am–5pm Pacific Time:

1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339)
International (+1) 530-582-1189


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