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BiteFX July 2019 Update

Posted by Ben Brown on Thu, Jul 25, 2019 @ 12:07 PM

Animation Update:

Molars No Guidance

July's update is the first of a series of updates we’ll be releasing over the next four months.

Dr. Chris Toomey suggested that it would be really helpful to enhance our 2D cross-section animations that show the effects of lack of canine guidance by adding 3D insets.

This month we’re adding the first of these animations which is the combination of all the different effects.


You’ll also notice that we’ve added one new effect to this set: showing abfractions developing on several teeth – a suggestion from Dr. Kelley Brummett, among others.

Thank you Dr. Toomey for your help in developing this new set of animations. We hope you’ll all find them a useful addition.

Look for them in the new Effects on Molars with Insets animation group.

We put this together in collaboration with Dr. Jay Levy who often lectures on the topic.


 Look for this in Update 86 on Windows, Update 51 on the iPad.

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