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BiteFX on iPad Upgrade to V2.3

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Jan 19, 2017 @ 17:01 PM

This upgrade is the long-awaited upgrade that removes the limitations of the number of animations that could be delivered in the BiteFX app on the iPad. Since version 1 of the iPad app we were limited to 72 animations, whereas the Windows version has always supported an unlimited number of animations.

V2.3 now has all the animations that are in the Windows version, groups the animations identically, displaying the group names ("Open-Close", "Guidance and Contacts", ...) and supports the creation of as many of your own (named) presentation sequences as you want to create.

Animation selection panel in BiteFX on iPad V2.3. Note: animations grouped identically to Windows product,
longer (less cryptic) animation names, names overlay thumbnails to increase number of animations visible.

Here is a full list of the enhancements included in this upgrade:

  • Restriction on number of animations removed (was limited to 72 and we had hit that limit).
  • Animations provided now match the animations provided in BiteFX for Windows – same number, same grouping.
  • Animation group names (e.g. “Open-Close”, “Guidance and Contacts”) added to animation selection panel.
  • You can now create an unlimited number of user-defined presentation sequences (was limited to 4).
  • User-defined presentation sequences can be given names.
  • Animation names made longer so they are less cryptic.
  • Animation names displayed over the thumbnails allowing more animations to be visible at one time in the animation selection panel.
  • The animation names displayed in the animation panel match the animation names in BiteFX for Windows V2.5.
  • Option added to the menu to uninstall updates.
    This is mostly an aid to our testing, but may occasionally be useful for support.
  • Animations are now half the size (without loss of quality) so installing the full BiteFX takes about half the time.
  • The BiteFX V2.3 app will inform you when upgrades are available in the future.
    We are planning to bring the app closer to the functionality provided on Windows in stages, probably in this order:
    • Integrate BiteFX-provided pictures
    • Import your own pictures
    • Add presentation templates
    • Add session-recording function with ability to send reports to patients
    • Share user-defined presentations across iPads
  • Fixes to some detailed behaviors and error message texts.


On releasing the app today we discovered that the App Store Update process doesn't do what we hoped it would do.

Consequently to install V2.3 you must:

  1. Uninstall the current BiteFX app.
    (Rest your finger on the app icon until it vibrates, then tap the "X" that appears over the icon.)
  2. Then you can use the Update function (if it is still available), or find BiteFX in the app store and re-install the free version.
  3. Login using your email ID and BiteFX iPad password (available in your original order fulfillment email, or we can provide it to you if you email or call us).

If you don't uninstall first, you'll get the new software but the old content and it won't look right. Simply uninstall and reinstall the BiteFX app, following steps 1 to 3 above.

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