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What's New In BiteFX for Windows V3.0

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Dec 28, 2017 @ 17:12 PM

The main changes in BiteFX for Windows V3.0 are "under the covers" changes of technology with few functional changes. 

You may well ask why we'd want to release an upgrade with few functional changes?

The reason is that about 18 months ago it became clear, with extremely short notice, that two software components BiteFX relies upon were no longer supported. Apple, the creator of one of those components, QuickTime, was even telling people they should uninstall QuickTime from Windows.

Fortunately there was a sub-part of QuickTime we could tell people to install that didn't expose them to the vulnerabilities Apple was worried about in the main QuickTime program. Still, it felt like we were sitting on shakey ground that at any point could give way and leave you with dysfunctional software.

Consequently it has been a major focus of our development team to find replacements for the unsupported components. This they have done exceedingly well so we believe you'll find it difficult to notice the difference.

With this kind of major technical change of components that underpin BiteFX, it made sense to limit the changes to just those components. If we tried to add many new features, we could majorly destabilize the software so you'd either experience many new bugs or it would take us an age to release the upgrade.

Although vital for the reliability, supportability and longevity of BiteFX, you will not see big enhancements in this upgrade. It does, however, lay the foundation for bigger things to come and remove the vulnerability of having unsupported components.

Two enhancements you might notice or appreciate:

  1. File and folder selection and navigation dialogs use 
    up-to-date formats
    A limitation in one of the replaced components forced us to use very primitive dialogs in recent versions of BiteFX. Now, when you import or export presentations, or add picture albums, you'll see dialogs that show more details and are easier to use.
    Folder Navigation.png

  2. You can flip animations horizontally - using "test harness" option
    Dr. Alain Aubé observed that most of his patient radiology images face left while our animations use a right-facing image for side views. Could we flip our animations so they would match his images?
    It turned out that this was easy to do, so our Windows software developer, Raymond, let us see how flipping animations looked by adding an option to the Advanced Options panel. 
    The horizontal flipping worked to Dr. Aubé's satisfaction. 

"Early Release" feature of flipping animations horizontally.

However, as it was late in the development cycle, we decided there wasn't time to design and place appropriate buttons for the flipping function (a suggestion that also came from one of our beta testers, Dr. Brian Gray). We've left the function in the Advanced Options panel so you have the option if you want to use it, but please note that this is a "test harness" level of interface. We will do a "proper job" of integrating the functionality into the next BiteFX upgrade.

This upgrade comes as Update 67 for Windows. The upgrade installs the full product, including all updates since the last upgrade, so will take a little longer than the usual BiteFX update. If you can, have a staff member or IT person do the upgrades for you.

If you haven't installed updates in the last few months, you may find it easier to download the full installer from the Software Download page in the Members' area, uninstall V2.5 and install V3.0. The effect will be the same as using Update 67.

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