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What's New in BiteFX V2.5

Posted by Stuart Harman on Thu, Feb 16, 2017 @ 16:02 PM

Here are the details of what has been added to BiteFX V2.5

Presentation Template Panel

A new Presentation Template Panel has been introduced with the display on/off button replacing the earlier Albums Panel on/off button.

Pointing to Presentation Panel Button.png

The Presentation Template Panel contains a number of presentations created with input from BiteFX members.

The templates can be used straightaway as they are, or can be duplicated and tailored.

Info on Presentations

Each presentation comes with an "info" topic displayed by clicking on the "i" button to the left of the presentation:

Presentation Info Topics.png

Each info topic covers:

  • The purpose of the presentation
  • What each part of the presentation is intended to communicate
  • Tips on customizing the presentation 

You can walk through the presentation with the info topic displayed so it's easy to connect the suggestions with the items included in the presentation.

Duplicate and Customize Presentation Templates

Use the Duplicate Presentation button to create a copy of a presentation template in the "My Presentations" area.

Duplicating a Presentation Template.png

You can then customize the presentation using BiteFX or your own photos, or by adding, removing or changing any items in the presentation:

Tailoring a Presentation.png

Albums Panel Replaced but Key Functionality Preserved

Although the Albums Panel has been replaced by the Presentation Templates panel we felt this was a better in the interests of not over-complicating the BiteFX interface. The functionality of the Albums panel was: 

To give an overview of the album collections

Provide an obvious placement of an "Add Album" button

This functionality is available in the Pictures panel:

Albums Panel Functionality.png

Animation and Picture Names Increased to 2 Lines

Before V2.5 we limited animation and picture names to 1 line with the text no longer than would fit below the smallest thumbnail size. This led to many cryptic short names for the animations:

BiteFX V2 animation names.png

Although you could hover over a thumbnail to see the unabbreviated name, these overly short names were not the most helpful.

In V2.5 the displayed names are now 2 lines long so they are not as cryptic:

BiteFX V2.5 animation names.png

Display Animation and Picture Names Over or Under Thumbnails

With limited space on the iPad screen it made sense to display the animation names over the thumbnails. 

In case you find yourself in a similar situation in Windows, of having a small screen that limits the number of thumbnails you can see at a time, we have put the same feature in BiteFX V2.5.

You can select (in the Options panel) whether you want the text over or under the thumbnails for both animations and pictures.

Text under animations.png

Animations with text below thumbnails

Text under pictures.png

Pictures with text below thumbnails

Text over animations.png

Animations with text over thumbnails

Text over pictures.png

Pictures with text over thumbnails

Presentation Progress Indicator

To help you keep track of where you are in longer presentations, we've added a Presentation Progress Indicator to the item selection control group:

Presentation Progress Indicator.png

The apparently simple control has several functions:

  • Displays the name of the presentation being used (or the animation group name or picture album name if no presentation is selected)
  • Displays the current position within the presentation both as:
    • A number within the total number of items
      (e.g. in the above snapshot the current item is the 4th item in a presentation containing 13 items)
    • A slider whose position indicates how far along the presentation you are
  • Displays the name of the currently displayed item
  • Allows you to jump to other items in the presentation by dragging the slider.
    (For example, if a question from your patient is best answered by using another item in your presentation you simply drag the slider to that item, give your answer, then drag the slider back to where you left off.)

HIPAA-Type Regulation Reminder

If you use patient photos, or enter patient-specific text, in a BiteFX session report, the information you email to a patient may be subject to medical record privacy regulations (such as HIPAA in the United States).

Depending on what those regulations are, your country's regulations may prohibit you emailing such a report unless your email program conforms to certain security requirements.

As BiteFX does not know your country's regulations and cannot check if your email-handling software conforms to those regulations, version 2.5 displays a helpful reminder to be sure your system is in compliance before you email a session report from BiteFX. 

Faster Download and Installation

BiteFX V2.5 contains more highly compact animation files, with no loss of quality. Consequently it is about half the size of earlier versions.

This means it will download faster and install faster and occupies less disk space on your computer.

Support for Touch Screen Swipe Gesture to Advance Presentations

If you have a touch screen, you can use the swipe gesture to go to the next, or previous, item in a presentation.

Just be aware that, because we don't control the area of the screen in which the animations are displayed, you can't use this gesture over an animation - you need to use the gesture, or at least start it, in the black area to the left or right of the animation:

Swipe gestures.png

Fixes Problem with BiteFX V2.4 on Windows 10

For some versions of Windows 10, attempting to import or export sequences from BiteFX V2.4 would cause the software to crash.

This problem has been fixed in V2.5.

Organization of Animations in BiteFX on Windows and BiteFX on iPad is the Same

With the releases of BiteFX on iPad V2.3 and BiteFX on Windows V2.5 we have:

  • Made all BiteFX animations available on the iPad
  • Grouped the animations on the iPad in the same way that they are grouped on Windows
  • Enhanced the short (displayed) animation names (made them 2-lines long and less cryptic) and made all the names the same on both the iPad and Windows

We will also ensure that future animation updates conform to these principles.

This should make switching between BiteFX on Windows and BiteFX on iPad much easier.

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