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How to Invoke BiteFX Animations from Microsoft PowerPoint

Posted by Stuart Harman on Fri, Aug 15, 2014 @ 12:08 PM


From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu explains how to open BiteFX to a specific animation selection directly from a PowerPoint slide using pre-programmed action buttons provided by BiteFX.

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Switch between PowerPoint and BiteFX quickly and effortlessly !!

Many of our BiteFX users present at dental meetings and study clubs, and often like to use BiteFX animations as part of their presentation. The Microsoft PowerPoint application enables you to create and use Action buttons; programmed buttons that you can add to your presentation. This action button is actually a macro that, with only a single mouse click, automates the process of opening BiteFX, selects the animation for which it is programmed, and is ready to play. After playing the animation, closing BiteFX will cause the computer to switch back to the active PowerPoint presentation seamlessly.

Fortunately, you don't have to become an expert at creating and programming action buttons to invoke BiteFX animations because we've already created the action buttons for you (but if you're interested in knowing a bit more about this subject, you can go to the Action Button Primer section at the end of this tutorial)!

So how does the process work, you ask? It's a simple copy and paste process; copy the action button you want from our BiteFX reference library file and paste it into your presentation.  Follow my step-by-step guide below and you'll see just how easy it is to do!

Find Out the Configuration of the Computer That Will Be Used for the Presentation

  1. In case you didn't know, Windows computers are configured as either 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems- you need to know the operating system configuration of the computer on which you will be presenting and invoking BiteFX. The action buttons we have pre-programmed are configuration dependant, so if you copy and paste action buttons from the wrong BiteFX Action Buttons file, the macros won't work.
  2. If the configuration of the computer that will be used for the presentation is unknown, on that computer open Control Panel > System and read the System Type. It will display that it is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

Find the BiteFX Action Buttons PowerPoint File(s)

  1. On the computer you are using to create your PowerPoint presentation, open Windows Explorer (Windows 7) or File Explorer (Windows 8 & 10).
  2. Click on Local Disk (C:)
  3. Navigate to the BiteFXV3 folder using the following instructions. Depending on the configuration of the computer on which the presentation is being created, the location of the BiteFXV3 folder that contains the BiteFX Action Buttons for PowerPoint files will be as follows:
      • 32-bit machine - the BiteFXV3 folder will be in Program Files
      • 64-bit machine - the BiteFXV3 folder will be in Program Files (x86)
  1. If you are creating a presentation that will be used on a 32-bit computer, open the PowerPoint file named
    V3.0w BiteFX Action Buttons for PowerPoint - 32 Bit Updated
  2. If you are creating a presentation that will be used on a 64-bit computer, open the PowerPoint file named
    V3.0w BiteFX Action Buttons for PowerPoint - 64 Bit Updated
  3. Leave the BiteFX PowerPoint file open, and then open your PowerPoint presentation or create a new PowerPoint file so both files are open at the same time.
  4. Now you're ready to copy and paste action buttons for the animations you want to use in your presentation.

Copy the Action Buttons for the Animations You Want to Invoke from the BiteFX Action Buttons PowerPoint File

  1. The action buttons in the BiteFX Action Buttons for PowerPoint file are grouped in a similar manner as in the BiteFX software Animation panel. For example, you can see from the two images below that all of the animations in the Open-Close Animation group in BiteFX are located on the same slide in the BiteFX PowerPoint file, and in the same order as they appear in the Animation panel row. There is another slide that provides the action buttons for all of the animations in the Guidance and Contacts group, another slide with the animations from the Effects of Bruxing group, and so on. I think you get the picture!

Open Close Group in BiteFX

Animations in Open-Close as organized in the BiteFX Animation panel


Open Close Action Button Slide

Action Buttons for Open-Close animations as organized in the BiteFX PowerPoint slide

  1. Select an action button to copy using either of the two methods described below:
      1. Position the mouse pointer inside the action button box, and to the left or right of the text to select it, (as shown below, with the pointer to the left of the text but still inside the action button box):

Correct Copy Example

Correct!!   Pointer is to the side of the text and is a four-directional arrow


Incorrect Copy ExampleWrong!!   Pointer is positioned over the text and is an I-beam cursor!!

  • With the mouse pointer positioned outside the action button you want to copy, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse to highlight the entire action button.
Drag Mouse to Select resized 600

  1. Now right-click the mouse to display a drop-down menu.
      1. Select Copy from the menu.

Drop Down Menu resized 600

Paste the Action Button Into Your Presentation

  1. Now select your open presentation and go to the slide from which you want to invoke that animation.
  2. Right click anywhere that is blank on the slide and right-click to display the drop-down menu again. This time select Paste (for PowerPoint 2003) or Paste Options: > Use Destination Theme (for PowerPoint 2007 and above as shown below):

 Paste Options

  1. The action button can now be re-positioned on the slide; left click to the side of the text in the action button and, while holding down the mouse button, drag it to its new location.
  2. You can even reformat the action button text by highlighting it and change the name, the color and font type and so on.

Configuring Your PowerPoint Security Settings to Enable Macros

PowerPoint is normally configured to warn you when running a macro, which is what a BiteFX action button is. The first group of slides in the V3.0 BiteFX Action Buttons for PowerPoint file decribe how to make the appropriate settings for the PowerPoint version you are using (2003, 2007, 2010,or 2016/Office 365).

Note: For members using PowerPoint 2016/Office 365, you must save your presentation as a "PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Show" file by clicking on the arrow to the left of "Save" and choosing that file type from the list. This must be done in addition to the other Trust Center setting changes.

Save As for Macro-Enabled PPT.png

Save As PPSM File.png

Invoking BiteFX From Your PowerPoint Presentation

Before presenting live to your audience, the following steps should be taken:

Preset BiteFX

  1. Open BiteFX and make sure an animation is selected on the main screen
  2. Make sure the Information pane is off.
  3. Set the Control Play Speed slider to a desired pace (for more advanced users, select each animation you will invoke and preset the slider to the pace you want for each individual animation).
  4. We recommend that you activate the Loop function unless you want the animation to only play once:

Loop Control resized 600

  1. Close BiteFX.

Preset Your PowerPoint Presentation

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and start the slide show.
  2. Navigate to a slide that has a BiteFX animation action button and click on it to activate the macro and open BiteFX.
  3. If the following Security Notice appears, click on Enable All. This Security Notice will not appear again when invoking BiteFX as long as you keep your presentation open.

Security Notice with Box resized 600

  1. BiteFX will automatically open. Double-check that BiteFX is appearing as preset in the previous section and when verified, close BiteFX. The computer should revert to your active PowerPoint presentation. Navigate to your first slide and leave the presentation running.
  2. You are now ready to begin presenting to your live audience. Each time you invoke BiteFX, be sure to close the BiteFX application to avoid having multiple BiteFX apps running at the same time (this can cause significant computer performance issues).


    1. Open the V3.0w BiteFX Action Buttons forPowerPoint file.
    2. Open your presentation file as well.
    3. Copy the action button from the BiteFX PowerPoint file.
    4. Paste the action button on the appropriate slide in your presentation.
    5. Continue copying and pasting until you have all the animations you wish to present added to your PowerPoint file.
    6. Before presenting:
        1. Preset BiteFX and then close it.
        2. Start your presentation and invoke BiteFX one time.
        3. Click on Enable All if the Security Notice appears.
        4. When BiteFX opens, verify it is preset correctly and then close it.
    7. Each time BiteFX is invoked, close BiteFX when finished demonstrating the animation to return to your presentation.
    8. With your presentation still in slide show mode, navigate back to the first slide and leave the presentation running.

A Quick Action Button Primer

  1. Creating an action button begins by inserting an action button shape into a PowerPoint slide from the Insert > Shapes > Action button menu. Here is an example of one several action button shapes that are available:

Action Button

  1. As soon as the action button is inserted, an Action Settings dialog will appear:

Action Program Screen

  1. The macro programming that automates the process of opening BiteFX and selecting a specific animation is entered in the Run program: box.
  2. For you really curious types, here is what the Open-Close No Muscles macro program looks like:

C:\Program Files (x86)\BiteFXV3\BiteFX.exe --SuppressSplashScreen -s="Open-Close" -a="GoodOpenNoMusclesSide"


If you need further assistance learning how to invoke BiteFX from a PowerPoint presentation, please contact us by email at your convenience, or by telephone Mon-Fri  8am–5pm Pacific Time:

1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339)
International (+1) 530-582-1189



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