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BiteFX - Lactation!

Over the last year we have been working with lactation consultant Melanie Henstrom to create a series of animations that illustrate healthy breastfeeding, the feeding problems a tongue-tied baby encounters, how the tongue tie is released, and other related topics.


You’re likely visiting this page because you’ve seen Melanie use these animations and would like to have access to them yourself.

This page describes what we’ve put together for you and how you gain access to the animations.

Two of the key questions we set out to help solve for you are:


Do you find parents are frightened of having a tongue release performed on their young baby?



Do you wish you could easily show them the difference between healthy and tongue-tied feeding patterns?


The future health of their baby depends on their understanding, confidence and decision.

With the help of Melanie and her dentist colleague Dr. Sam Zink (an expert in helping patients “breath better from birth”), we created a series of animations and that will help you through the parent understanding challenge!

There are nine different animations, with more on the way.

Here's a quick look at four of them:


When we were done, Melanie immediately asked us to make these available to her colleagues.


Imagining the impact on future generations, we were eager to do this! We also wanted to find a pricing model that would work well for our new lactation-minded users.


Normally, our suite of dental animations are used by specialists to educate their patients, frequently seeing high financial returns as a result. Consequently, paying our standard $200-$347 per month becomes trivial, and their loyalty allows us to continue our animation development (which is expensive!).


But Wait! Don’t Panic!


We know these prices won't work for you. So, in recognition of how amazing Melanie's help has been while developing these animations, we have decided to give attendees of Melanie’s presentation at the Gold Lactation Conference a beyond bargain basement price.


What we mean is that we went as low as we thought rational... and then we cut that a little bit farther for the prices you see today.


Why would we do that?


Because we know these animations will be highly useful to lactation consultants like you and we would love to see them used!


And who knows, when you get familiar with the tool and find it worthwhile, perhaps you’ll recommend it to your colleagues, at which point we'll have set a more sustainable price.


So, Here's What You'll Receive with “BiteFX Lactation”!

  • 9 animations explaining healthy breast feeding, tongue-tied feeding, tongue-tie release, healthy and unhealthy palate development, and thumb sucking
  • 10 ready-to-use presentation templates
  • New animations as they are developed
  • Licenses for the software for two Windows computers
  • Coaching videos to help install this easy-to-use software
  • Occasional software upgrades

For the next week only BiteFX Lactation is available at one of these low pricing models:

$ 14.99 / month
$ 10 / month


Cancel any time, rate guaranteed for 2 years!


  •   9 Animations
  •   10 Presentation Templates
  •   New Animations
  •   BiteFX on 2 Computers
  •   Coaching Videos
  •   Software Upgrades

$ 149.99 / year
$ 100 / year


$49.99 Discount on First 2 Years!


  •   9 Animations
  •   10 Presentation Templates
  •   New Animations
  •   BiteFX on 2 Computers
  •   Coaching Videos
  •   Software Upgrades

Remember, these prices are only good for 1 week! The introductory prices will end (sadly) at midnight of September 21st!