Help Me Find an Occlusally-Aware Dentist!

Well-trained, occlusally-aware dentists can:

  • Diagnose occlusal disease
  • Identify if symptoms such as headaches, broken molars, sensitive teeth, gum or bone recession are caused by problems with your occlusion
  • Identify early signs of occlusal disease (indicators you can't see or feel) so that they provide corrective treatment before major symptoms develop
  • Recommend the appropriate treatments to correct your occlusal disease
  • Provide you with dentistry that is long-lasting

Because BiteFX is used by the best occlusally-aware dentists we have a database of dentists who can provide you with excellent dentistry founded on a good understanding of your occlusion.

We will be happy to find the 1 to 3 BiteFX dentists closest to you and either send you their information or ask them to contact you to set up an initial consultation.

Fill in the information below to receive our recommendations of BiteFX dentists. (All items must be completed.)

Allow 5 business days for us to find the dentist [and for them to contact you if requested].