Occlusion Success Webinar Series

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Every dentist can learn from these masters of their profession and benefit from the knowledge and experience they share.

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This three-part series will take you through these information-packed presentations.

1. Truth-Trust Based Selling, Dr. Michael Schuster

Few dentists like to think of themselves as selling, yet every dentist does it, one way or another - deliberately or haphazardly!

Learn from a dentist who has built a career and center on helping other dentists achieve their goals.

Dr. Schuster will plant many seeds of information in your minds as he takes you through:

  • Developing Trust
  • Creating Hope in Your Patients
  • Transactional vs Transformational Dentistry
  • 4 Barriers to Trust
  • 3 Climate Factors That Build Trust
  • 5 Great Questions to Ask
  • The Patient Process and Interview
  • 12 Steps to "Yes"
  • And much more!

2. Top Ten Steps to Treatment Acceptance, Dr. Don Reid

This structured interview divulges many of Dr. Reid's best techniques and secrets in relating to patients, with his answers to the questions:

  • How do you get new patients?
  • When a new person calls in, what protocols do you have in place?
  • What happens during that first appointment?
  • What happens at the complete exam?
  • What do you want to accomplish at that session?
  • They agree to let you create a plan to change their future, now what?
  • Do you try to decide ahead of time how much time to invest in people?
  • How do you get people to accept your higher fees?
  • Have you failed if someone doesn't accept your treatment?
  • When the patient doesn't go ahead with the plan, have you wasted your time?
  • What is/are the best pieces of advice that you can give new occlusion-focused dentists?

3. Starting With Why, Dr. T.J. Bolt

Dr. Bolt makes the lessons of the first two webinars concrete by walking you through a patient treatment presentation. By first establishing the context for the presentation, Dr. Bolt makes it clear how the right attitude with the right tools can make a huge difference.

In this webinar you will observe how Dr. Bolt approaches:

  • Health vs Disease Model
  • Health First
  • Partnership with the Patient
  • The Process
  • Service Oriented, Not Insurance-Driven
  • Why Is Occlusal Disease Missed So Often?
  • Why BiteFX?
  • Moving People Forward
  • "The Dreadful Story"
  • Taking the Patient to Solutions