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April 2015 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Apr 30, 2015 @ 12:04 PM

There are two animations in this month's update.

The first illustrates the situation known as long centric, the second is a variation on our sleep apnea animation keeping the lips sealed after the applicance is inserted.


Animation - Long Centric

The animation starts with the head tilted back as if in the dentist's chair, and all looks fine with the occlusion - teeth coming together with no interferences when in CR

On sitting up the jaw moves forward very slightly so that when it closes the front teeth make premature contact.

We show the interference being removed so that the bite closes comfortably with the head in the vertical position.

This may help you explain to patients why more work was required after they sat up or explain to dentist colleagues what "long centric" means.


 LongCentric-FullSize  LongCentric-AnteriorContact-FullSize
Head in reclined position
Head in upright position with anterior contacts
 LongCentric-ContactMarks-FullSize LongCentric-ContactsRemoved-FullSize
Contacts marked
Contacts removed

Thank you to Dr. Peter Dawson's book, Functional Occlusion and to my business partner Dr. Don Reid for guidance in putting this animation together.

Functional Occlusion
by Dr. Peter Dawson
Dr. Don Reid


Animations - Sleep Apnea with Lip Seal 

The second animation in this month's update is a version of the Sleep Apnea animation which keeps the lips sealed when the appliance is inserted.


Dr. Milos Boskovic stressed the importance of this in his treatment of patients. He kindly helped refine our animation a few months ago and recently reminded me that we hadn't released this as an update. My apologies for not releasing this sooner. Hope you'll appreciate this addition to the sleep apnea collection.

Many thanks to Dr. Boskovic for keeping us on our toes!

Dr. Milos Boskovic

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