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February 2016 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Feb 02, 2016 @ 11:02 AM

New Animation - Reductive and Additive Equilibration

Thumbnail of New Reductive and Additive Equilibration Animation (enlarged)
Although it may be easy for dentists experienced in this area to make the jump from separate reductive and additive animations to seeing the sense/possibility that an equilibration could involve both processes, it was felt that that combination "jump" would not be so easy for many patients.
The new animation shows a reductive equilibration of the back teeth: 
Reductive part of Reductive and Additive Equilibration
Followed by building up the front teeth to achieve protrusive and lateral guidance:
Additive part of Reductive and Additive Equilibration
Thank you Dr. Milos Boskovic for your input on producing this animation!
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