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The New And Improved BiteFX on iPad App Just Released! Version 3.1.34!

Posted by Ben Brown on Tue, Apr 09, 2024 @ 10:04 AM

Discover the latest features and enhancements of the newly released BiteFX on iPad app that will give you more versatility with how you communicate dental concepts. Whether studying, on the go, or wanting to give your patients the more tactile element, BiteFX on iPad is for you.


We have just released a new version of BiteFX on the iPad - version 3.1.34!

If you already have BiteFX installed, depending on your settings, you may receive a notification that the BiteFX app has this upgrade available for you.

This post is to tell you what has changed in this release so you can determine if/when you will install the upgrade.

Primarily, you'll likely want to upgrade for all the updated and new animation content.

The following animations have been added:

- Thumb Sucking Deforming the Palate

- Healthy Breastfeeding

- Healthy Breastfeeding without Frenulum

- Tongue-Tied Breast Feeding

- Baby Frenectomy

- Baby Tongue Tie Thru Release

- Baby Palate Development Healthy

- Baby Palate Development Unhealthy

- Condyle With No Growth Impacting Airway

- TMJ Caused Interference Slide

- TMJ Disc Distortion V3

- Disc Off Block - Front and Sides

- Destructive Clench

- Interference Causing Anterior Destruction

- Interference to Destruction V2

- Rebuild to Full Health V2

- Restricted Airway Resulting in Toothwear


The following presentations have been added:

- Dr Aube's go-to presentation

- Dr TJ Bolt's Pre-Exam Interview Presentation

- Dr TJ Bolt's Review of Findings Presentation


The following animations were enhanced (for example, with addition of gums, adjustments to TMJ disc to match other animations, or changes to lighting):

- Correcting Supra Eruption with Front Tooth Wear

- Destructive Open/Close

- Disappearing Crown Space

- PDL Flex

- Canine Guidance

- Canine Guidance with Crossover

- Canine Guidance with Crossover and Group Function

- Splayed Canine

- Lack of Canine Guidance

- Interference Slide

- Interference Toothache

- Interference Slide + Toothache

- Proprioception

- Supra Eruption Anteriors

- Supra Eruption Posteriors

- Supra Eruption Posteriors Tongue


Otherwise, the main Software Changes in BiteFX on the iPad V3.1.34 are:

  • Fixed an issue that some people attempting to purchase the app using its in-app purchase feature received an error "No response from BiteFX server".
  • Importing your own pictures (or "images") would sometimes be limited to those selected in a previous import. 
    Now every import gives access to all pictures in the Gallery or Cloud.
  • Numbering of imported picture albums made consistent with the behavior of BiteFX on Windows.
    Each imported picture album starts with a number that is incremented every time a new album is imported.
    The number is always visible whether the pictures are hidden or not, so you can distinguish hidden albums from each other.
  • Several minor behavioral issues such as ensuring all buttons are only highlighted (enabled) when they should be.
  • All updates issued since the last release (3.1.21) up to March 2024 are included. 
    If you were behind on installing updates, installing this release is your quickest way of bringing all your content up-to-date.
    Content matches the content on Windows at the end of March 2024. 
    Ask me if you want the details but it comprises:
    - 17 new animations
    - 17 enhanced animations
    (a coincidence it's the same number as new animations)
    - 3 new presentations

To install this new release:

  1. Make sure you have your "password" for BiteFX on the iPad (a 16 digit number sent when you first ordered a BiteFX membership that included the iPad app).
    If you don't have it, ask us and we'll send it to you.
  2. Uninstall the currently installed BiteFX app.
  3. Go to the App Store, search for "BiteFX" and install the new app (make sure it's version 3.1.34).
  4. Open the BiteFX app and use the Login function, entering your email and BiteFX on the iPad password, to trigger the download of the full content.

Any questions or issues, please email or call us at 1-877-224-8339 (+1-530-582-1189).

We trust you'll enjoy this new version of our iPad app!

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