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November 2012 Updates to BiteFX Software

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Nov 27, 2012 @ 11:11 AM

We are always working to make your BiteFX experience smoother, easier, and more productive.

As part of these efforts we will periodically be issuing updates to the BiteFX software to tune the behavior and/or fix bugs we have discovered. BiteFX Subscribers using BiteFX V2.0w for Windows will receive the first of these periodic updates to the BiteFX software along with this month’s animation updates.

This article lists all the changes we have made to the software, along with descriptions of how to take advantage of new features where relevant.

Interface or Behavior Enhancements

  1. Revamped the trial and registration dialogs to make the getting-started process much easier for new users and the registration process much simpler for everyone.
  2. Provided an option so that you can show animations and pictures that are not in your pre-configured sequence without losing your place in the sequence.
    The option is “Restrict Next/Prev to my sequences” in the Options panel Advanced tab. When this is checked  you can select animations and pictures that are not in your sequences (e.g. to help answer a patient’s question) but clicking on the Next or Previous in Sequence buttons ( Previous-Button  Next-Button ) will return you to your sequence. The current animation in your own sequence also remains highlighted so you don’t lose your place in your presentation.
    There is a small trade-off in that when this option is selected you cannot use the Next or Previous in Sequence buttons to move through the animation groups defined by BiteFX.
  3. BiteFX now saves the last-used play speed setting (the tortoise and hare control) for each animation, so that once you have selected a play speed you like for an animation you don’t have to adjust it again.
  4. Animations and pictures added in the update process have a blue/turquoise border until they are viewed so that you can easily pick out items that are new.
  5. If the right version of QuickTime is not installed, BiteFX will detect that is the case and display a meaningful message. (Earlier releases displayed a “class not found” error).
  6. The session log is saved more frequently to ensure that your recorded sessions cannot be lost.

Bugs Fixed

  1. Selecting Full Screen works when the BiteFX window is maximized (previously was only working if BiteFX was not maximized)
  2. Notes for imported pictures were all the same. These are now editable on a per-picture basis.
  3. Right click on the task bar icon in Windows XP will display a pop-up menu. (Previously the menu would not always display.)
  4. Tooltips for next/previous buttons changed to say “Next in sequence” “Previous in sequence”. (Previously the tooltips said “Next Animation”, “Previous Animation”)
  5. Tooltips on the []+ and []- buttons in the  corrected. (Add and Remove Session Marker in the session log view)
  6. About box doesn’t display days until BiteFX expires unless you are in the expiry grace period (period of a number of days if your subscription has not automatically renewed – you will also receive an email from us if this ever happens).
  7. If you resize the BiteFX window, the operation is smoother.
  8. Occasional “Abstract Error” when moving items in or removing them from sequences.
  9. Positioning of the Review/Edit notes page made more consistent.
  10. Access violation errors could occur if the current movie is in a sequence that is deleted.
  11. Integer overflow error occurred in certain circumstances when editing the introduction notes of a recorded session.

If you spot something that should be fixed in BiteFX, or have a suggestion for how we can make BiteFX better, you can send us an email or use the BiteFX Suggestions-Feedback-Problems Form.


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