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The New And Improved BiteFX on iPad App Just Released! Version 3.1.34!

What is a person worth?

How to Set-Up Auto-Play in the BiteFX for Windows Software

How to Install the BiteFX Lactation for Windows Software

How to Install Your BiteFX V5.1 Software

"All Truths Are Experienced Personally" or "The 3-Day Work Week"

Resolving BiteFX V5.0.30 Registration Issue

How to Upgrade to BiteFX V5 for Windows Using the V4 Update Process

BiteFX V2-V4 Update History

BiteFX 2020 Updates

How to Install Your BiteFX V5 for Windows Software

Presentation Templates for Training Staff

BiteFX August-November 2019 Updates

Using BiteFX Animations & Patient Photos to "Sell" Invisalign

How to Import and Delete Photos with BiteFX for iPad 3.0

Reflections from Dr. Dawson's Celebration of Life

Can You Learn Occlusion in the Classroom?

BiteFX July 2019 Update

BiteFX June 2019 Update

BiteFX May 2019 Update

BiteFX April/March 2019 Updates

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BiteFX for iPad User Guide

Comparison of BiteFX for Windows and iPad Functionality

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How to Use Information Sharing in BiteFX for Windows

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What's New in BiteFX for iPad V3.1

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June 2017 Updates

Recipe for Practice Success

May 2017 Updates

Why I Love Dentistry

Positioning Your Practice for Growth

March 2017 BiteFX Update

Cultivating Trust with Deliberate, Digital and Comprehensive Treatment Planning

Helpful Hints Using BiteFX for iPad - V3.1

Dental and Periodontal Consequences of Osteoarthritic TMJs

Update Credit Card Details Yourself!

Why BiteFX Makes Financial Sense for Occlusion-Focused Dentists!

July 2016 BiteFX Update

Presenting Invisalign Cases with BiteFX - Follow-up Questions and Answers

Premature Wear: The Hidden Causes - Follow-up Questions and Answers

May 2016 BiteFX Update

Phased Restorations - Follow-up Questions and Answers

Worn Canines in Teens and Early Twenties - Equilibrate?

March 2016 BiteFX Update

February 2016 BiteFX Updates

October 2015 BiteFX Updates

July/August/September BiteFX Updates

How to Export Images From Dexis to a BiteFX Importable Folder

Why Do My Imported Pictures Disappear or Display "Image Not Available"?

How to Add Session Notes to Your Imported Pictures

How to Register Your BiteFX for Windows Software

Need to Run as Administrator to Register BiteFX

BiteFX Issues Related to Antivirus Programs

June 2015 BiteFX Update

June 2015 Software Update

May 2015 BiteFX Updates

April 2015 BiteFX Updates

March 2015 BiteFX Updates

How to Use the Options Menu in BiteFX

February 2015 BiteFX Updates

How to Clear the BiteFX Session Event Log

January 2015 BiteFX Updates

December 2014 BiteFX Updates

November 2014 BiteFX Updates

Installing BiteFX for iPad

October 2014 BiteFX Updates

September 2014 BiteFX Updates

August 2014 BiteFX Updates

How to Import Images into BiteFX for Windows

How to Unregister Your BiteFX Software

July 2014 BiteFX Updates

June 2014 BiteFX Updates

May 2014 BiteFX Updates

April 2014 BiteFX Updates - Software and Animations

Integrating Clinical Photographs with BiteFX for iPad Using iTunes

How to Edit & Add Notes to a BiteFX Session Report

March 2014 BiteFX Updates - Software, Animations and Photos

How to Use the Hide/Unhide Image Controls in BiteFX for Windows

February 2014 BiteFX Updates - Sleep Apnea with Chipping + Incisal Wear Photos

Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?

January 2014 BiteFX Updates - Sleep Apnea with Sound, Fracture Photos, Text Fixes

BiteFX for Windows: Do You Have the Latest Updates?

December 2013 BiteFX Updates - Buccal Cusp Fracture + Photos

November 2013 BiteFX Update - PDL Flex with Implant

October 2013 BiteFX Update - PDL Flex

September 2013 BiteFX Update

The Triad Algorithm

August 2013 BiteFX Updates

How to Duplicate, Export, and Import Presentations in BiteFX

July 2013 BiteFX Updates

How to Create Your Own Presentations in BiteFX

May 2013 BiteFX Updates

How to Use a USB Flash Drive to Install BiteFX on Multiple Computers

Updating Your BiteFX for Windows Software

April 2013 BiteFX Updates

March 2013 BiteFX Updates

Treatment Plan: Adding Session Notes to Imported Pictures

March 2013 Software Update

What to Do When You Forget to Record a Session

February 2013 BiteFX Updates

January 2013 BiteFX Updates

Adding Updates to BiteFX for iPad

Feeling Blue? - Book Yourself Some Blue Time!

December 2012 BiteFX Updates - Windows Update0005

The Answer to Gaining Patient Acceptance - Around the Globe

November 2012 Updates to BiteFX Software

Enhancing Your Treatment Plans Using Photography

Top 5 Reasons Why BiteFX V2.0w is a Must-Have Upgrade

New Animations for BiteFX Subscribers

Calculating Where the Condyle Goes from Centric Relation

Occlusion and Bite Force - Good Use of BiteFX by Dr. Frank Spear

Getting the Word Out that Occlusion Understanding Makes You Different

Taking Patient Education and Case Acceptance to Another Stratosphere

A First Step Towards Understanding Occlusion

Do You Measure Where the Condyle Goes from Centric Relation?

Can You Say This About Your Dental Patient Education: “If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, BiteFX is Worth 1 Million” ?

Presenting Occlusal Disease in 3-D for Greater Case Acceptance

Save Time and “Super-Polish” Your Dental Patient Education: BiteFX Coach Reveals Tip

Three Proven Steps to have Patients Want their Bite Problems Fixed

Important Dental Treatment Plan Lesson Learned from Pete Dawson

Seeing is Believing: Explaining and Handling Occlusal Disease

The Best Bite Tip I Was Ever Given

Lasting Dental Restorations – A Dental Technician Reveals the Secret

Surmounting the Paradox of Being a “No Dentistry” Dentist

Suggest New Animations for BiteFX

How To Not Prep a Broken Molar and Increase Profitability

Three Simple Steps to Having Patients Want Their Bite Problems Fixed

Dental Hygienist Sees Tooth Mobility, Starts Occlusion Awareness

Triggering Change Part 1: Three Behavioral Hotspots for BiteFX Use

Triggering Change Part 4: Hygienists Trigger Movement

Triggering Change Part 3: Weaving BiteFX into the First Visits

Triggering Change Part 2: Dental Appliances Not Being Used

Dental Exam to Consult to Agreement

Dentists' Advice on Getting Started with BiteFX

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