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Recipe for Practice Success

Posted by Michael Schuster on Mon, May 15, 2017 @ 12:05 PM

Guest blog article written by Dr. Mike Schuster, Director of the Schuster Center, author, well-known speaker and coach to thousands of dentists.

This is one of a series of posts and emails Mike writes regularly, encouraging dentists to be the best they can be.

Mike has kindly allowed us to share a selection of these articles with you. This is the third of our selection.

In this article Mike discusses the recipe for success with some good questions to consider and, naturally, pointers to getting on your own road to success.


Recipe for Practice Success

There is a 'recipe' for practice success. There is also a 'recipe' for failure.

A 'recipe' is a set of ingredients, which together, with the right application
always produces the same SUCCESSFUL RESULTS!

There are no exceptions when the right 'recipe' is used. None.

You can spend your life in a 'trial and error' process and never achieve your
potential or you can 'copy' or 'mirror' the 'recipe' of highly successful dentists 
and 'achieve' the same results they are and have achieved.

For more than 40 years I've studied and worked with the 'best of the best' and
extracted from them what the 'key strategies' they do each and every day that 
produces the outstanding results they've achieved.

Indeed this produced what I refer to as the 'Recipe for Achievement'.

If one person and can do it, anyone can.    There are NO EXCEPTIONS.    You apply 
the same recipe that other successful dentists have and you get the same results.

Tomorrow I'm fortunate to spend a day with 8 dentists that I've worked with and 
who have learned the 'recipe of practice success' which means they are financially
independent as well as 'on purpose' in their lives.   These dentists are exceptional because
they have learned and applied The Recipe for  Achievement we taught them.

They are all Alumni of the Schuster Center. The single thing each of these highly successful
dentists have in common is the 'Recipe for Achievement' they learned and applied at the
Schuster Center.

They started out as I did and you did.

The difference was we learned and applied a "Recipe for Success'. 

It is amazing how different their lives are. How evolved these people are in their thinking,
in their behavior, in their lives.

Yes, there is no doubt that their is "A Recipe for Practice and Life Success'.

The recipe becomes a MODEL.  A MODEL of Excellence in life and practice.

It's what we do here at the Schuster Center.  The only reason for us to exist is to ensure
the success of the dentists and teams we work with.

Practice and Life are about RESULTS.

Here's an exercise for you!

What RESULTS do you want?  What 3 most important results do you want
for your Practice or for yourself?

Write them down!

Think about each RESULT...stay with each result for a minute...

How important, on a scale of 1-10 is this result to you?

What happens if you get the result?

What happens if you don't get the result?

The key to your SUCCESS in life and practice is simply this.

Achieving the RESULTS that are MOST IMPORTANT to YOU!

If you're satisfied where you are, then I'm happy for you.

If you are HIGHLY MOTIVATED to ACHIEVE MORE in any area of your life or practice, I have good news
for you..all you have to do is LEARN or COPY a few key strategies and you will ACHIEVE what everyone
else has ACHIEVED applying the RECIPE of Practice and Life success that we have learned and applied
for more than two generations.

Can you ACHIEVE the RESULTS you want on your own?

Can you U-Tube your way to your BEST SELF?

Can you read your way to your POTENTIAL?

Can you webinar your way to BECOME ALL YOU CAN BE?

Have you ACHIEVED the RESULTS you want?

Do you need a Mentor, a Mentor, a Guide, a person who has already ACHIEVED the RESULTS
you want?  One who has already achieved the results you want?

Who cares enough to come back and travel with you long enough so impart the RECIPE for
ACHIEVEMENT into your Mind, into your Heart, into your Hands.

If and when you get ready to RELEASE YOUR POTENTIAL, go to my website,,
or use my online scheduling system to choose a convenient time to talk to me, or call Laura at 800-288-9393 to make a time, an important time, to discuss RELEASING YOUR POTENTIAL.

We'll give you more information about our Individual Programs which all contain a RECIPE for YOUR SUCCESS!

We have FOUR NEW PROGRAMS for dentists at each stage in their Practice Life Cycle.

Money should never be an impediment to fully participating IN WORK that produces the
results you want for your life and practice.

Each program begins with a minimal down payment and a minimal monthly payment.

Each program is PERSONALIZED for each dentist.    We all begin in different places
but end in a similar place.  Successful in creating the Practice and Life we want.

Dr. Mike Schuster
Director of the Schuster Center
Co-Founder of Performance Coach

Want to learn more from Mike? Go to the Schuster Center website!

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