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June 2015 Software Update

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Jun 04, 2015 @ 10:06 AM

The software update released today (June 4, 2015) as Update 44 contains the following fixes:

  1. When running, BiteFX was checking for updates every 84,600ms (=1.44 minutes). This has been changed to the correct value of 84,600s (= 1 day).
  2. If one of the files BiteFX uses to store session information was corrupted, BiteFX would fail to start. BiteFX now recognizes when the files are corrupted and starts with default values.
  3. The update function was enhanced so that sequences can be provided in the update process.
    This will allow us to deliver example sequences that illustrate how to present certain topics to you.

Issue 1 was potentially impacting the performance of the BiteFX server so we ask everyone to install this update as soon as is convenient.

For instructions on installing updates see the blog article:

Updating Your BiteFX V2 Software for Windows

NOTE: The article might make the update process look complex as it contains pictures of every detailed step. If you don't need all the pictures, there's a brief list of the steps at the end of the article under the heading of "Recap of Updating Process". 


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