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June 2017 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Jun 27, 2017 @ 15:06 PM

This month's updates include one new animation, one animation fix, and one enhanced animation.

The contents of both the Windows and iPad updates are the same.

Update 0061 for Windows and Update 30 for iPad Contain:

New Animation: Asymmetric Open-Close

This animation shows how, if one TMJ disc is displaced and recaptured on opening, the jaw can describe a sort of "S" shape when opening and closing.

Starting position of jaw and discs - disc on left is displaced

As jaw opens displaced disc restricts movement so jaw veers to that side

When disc is recaptured jaw returns to a more centered position, so it follows the path shown by the arrow

This animation was requested by Dr. Chris Chamberlain and was reviewed and refined by Dr. Alain Aubé and Dr. Rick Rogers. We are most grateful to each of these dentists for their contributions and help.

Fixed Animation: Lack of Canine Guidance (short name: No Canine Guidance)

Dr. Chris Toomey pointed out a rather whopping error in this animation - the canines that are worn down in the first part of the animation suddenly reappear at full length in the latter part when it shows the effects on one of the molars. The update fixes this issue.

Thank you Dr. Toomey for pointing this out!

Enhanced Animation: Restricted Envelope-of-Function (short name: Restricted Envelope)

While enjoying Dr. Cranham's webinar "Understanding and Refining the Envelope of Function" broadcast in May 2017, we noticed that when he used the animation "Restricted Envelop-of-Function" in his slides on a continual loop, the final state of the teeth (shown below) was barely visible as it was only given one frame in the animation. This is fine if you're using the animation in BiteFX, stopping on the final frame, but not very useful if you have the animation on a continual loop.

The updated version shows the final state long enough that viewers can register what it looks like even when the animation is on a continual loop.

envelope-of-function-knife-edge-wear.jpgFinal state of front teeth in the Restricted Envelope-of-Function animation

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