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Dental Exam to Consult to Agreement

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, May 26, 2011 @ 07:05 AM

(Transferred from a BiteFX Forum post by Chris Toomey, DDS.)

I have recently been working extensively on integrating BiteFX with my treatment plans.  As  a matter of fact I just presented to my study club a power point:  Exam to Consult to Agreement.  

With specifics to the routine my consult happens after their inital 2 hours data collection visit.  Because my exam follows a pattern of: Muscles, Joints, Periodontal structures, and Teeth, I try to stay with a similar pattern when using BiteFX.  I start with a review of chief complaint and reasons why the patient came to us.  After presenting their photographs I go right to the animation with muscles of a perfect bite.  Then review photos of their teeth and relate to animations of a destructive bite.  If diagnosis is occlusal-muscle and not joint destruction I key in on stable bite and guidance patterns then move to visual of occlusal equilibration.  If a diagnosis of joint disorder Piper class II or greater is made I spend time with them the animation of how the joint deforms.  As you can see BiteFX is the dominant tool used in the consult.  It also is the dominant tool used when I examine the recare patient.

One of the pearls that we started doing in our office that helped the patient and our efficiency was to have either the office manager or scheduling coordinator join in the consult about 1/2 way through.  This eliminates me walking the patient up and re-explaining to the front office what the steps of treatment are and after I present the fee they can take over and answer questions on finances with more detail.

Let us know your tips for enhancing your consults using the comment link below, or email us more detailed suggestions and we'll post them in this blog.

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