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Taking Patient Education and Case Acceptance to Another Stratosphere

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Oct 12, 2011 @ 10:10 AM

Are you a long-time user of BiteFX? Apart from the number of years do you relate to this comment from Dr. Hal Stewart, DDS from Flower Mound, Texas?

“I have been a BiteFX user now for over 5 years. My practice is a niche practice specializing in full mouth rejuvenations.  Joint stability and stable occlusion is the goal of every case. Our case acceptance increased dramatically when we started using BiteFX and I thought that I had the program ‘mastered’”

Hal Stewart on Patient Education

It’s certainly a common story we hear and it’s been my assumption that people like Hal were BiteFX masters, however let me tell you how I learned I should heed the advice I regularly dish out to my family “Never assume!”

Stu Harman, who’s been working with us in sales and support for the last couple of years, has been a great boost and encouragement to us. One of his frequent observations is that he has never worked with a product that has such universally high customer satisfaction rates – something I am very happy to hear! But ... Stu also observed when exhibiting BiteFX in his first year, that existing BiteFX customers would look over his shoulder when demonstrating BiteFX and say “I didn’t know it could do that!”

Consequently early this year Stu suggested that we really ought to offer some training in BiteFX as, however simple we thought it was to use, there were clearly some valuable parts that many customers were  missing out on. So BiteFX QuickStart was born and has been a big hit with new BiteFX customers.

We thought QuickStart would have great value to existing customers too, but not many have picked up on this opportunity until recently when Dr. Stewart, one of our very early customers, took the QuickStart coaching and gave such positive feedback that I thought I should share it with you and give you a special one-time offer to experience the same benefits.

Here’s how Hal continued the above comment:

“I thought that I had the program ‘mastered’ that is until I took the QuickStart program. After taking QuickStart, I was able to unleash the full potential of BiteFX, adding my own photos and creating my own personal sequences and presentations. QuickStart has taken our practice to another stratosphere in patient education and case acceptance. Thank you all at BiteFX for your dedication to our profession.“

I’ve always considered Hal to be a BiteFX expert – after all he’s referred many many other dentists to us – so it was good news to me that we could still enhance his productivity by providing a few BiteFX QuickStart coaching sessions.

As it’s important to me that our customers get the most from BiteFX, I’ve decided we should offer the BiteFX QuickStart program to our existing customers for a limited time for just $150. That’s $100 (40%) off the regular price and a real bargain for four personal coaching sessions. I hope you’ll agree and keep Stu fully occupied between now and Christmas imparting his valuable knowledge to you.
[Sorry this offer expired at the end of October 2011 - but QuickStart is a great deal at our regular price, so give Stu a call on 530-582-1189 if you'd like to find out more.]

Yours, working on making BiteFX better for you,


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