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July 2017 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Sat, Jul 29, 2017 @ 10:07 AM

This month's updates include one new animation, one animation fix, and one enhanced animation.

The contents of both the Windows and iPad updates are the same.

Update 0062 for Windows and Update 31 for iPad Contain:

New Animation: Subluxation of the TMJ

This animation shows what we understand is the most common cause of a jaw getting stuck open – that it has been opened too far and is stuck on the wrong side of the eminence.

Manual intervention is required to relieve this situation, so we show a hand coming in to help guide the jaw back over the eminence and into its normal position.


This animation was requested a while back by Dr. Greg Guichet and came into being as a result of discussions with Dr Rick Rogers and Dr Alain Aube on a series of other animations related to TMJ problems. Dr. Drew Cobb also provided some refinements. Thanks as ever to each of these dentists for their time and input in developing another useful animation!

The Subluxation animation will be useful both for instructing dental students and explaining to patients what they have suffered – after you’ve relieved them of their pain, of course!

Fixed Animation: Additive Equilibration

To be consistent, the Additive Equilibration animation needed to build up the front teeth as well as the back. 

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