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Dental Hygienist Sees Tooth Mobility, Starts Occlusion Awareness

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 18:05 PM

(Taken from a BiteFX forum post by Fred Peck DDS)

When the hygienist is charting pocket depth, tooth mobility should also be recorded. Explain to the patient what the tooth mobility means and that you will show them a visual animation at the end of the appointment. Upon completion of the visit, have your hygienist show the patient the BiteFX animation showing tooth mobility.

Tooth mobility animation for use by dental hygienist

The patient can understand that loose teeth are at risk of being lost, and the animation connects the mobile tooth to occlusal issues. When the dentist comes in the discussion can continue with the treatment options. 

Let us know how you involve your hygienist in increasing occlusal awareness by using the comment link below.

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