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How to Install Your BiteFX V5.1 Software

Posted by Stuart Harman on Thu, May 26, 2022 @ 14:05 PM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu explains how to download the BiteFX V5.1  installer file from the Internet, and follow the BiteFX Setup Wizard prompts to install the software onto your Windows PC with your default browser set to Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

Installing BiteFX V5.1 onto your computer is a three-step process, after which you can choose which version to open when completed: 

  1. Download and save the BiteFX installer file from the Internet.
  2. Install the BiteFX software using the installer file you downloaded.
  3. Register the BiteFX software.
  4. Opening the BiteFX V5 software.
  5. Opening the  BiteFX V5 Functional Occlusion software.

When your order is placed and you have accepted the BiteFX Software Subscription Agreement, you are sent a BiteFX Order Receipt email that includes your registration serial numbers (the number of serial numbers provided depends on your subscription type). The email also provides a convenient link to the installer file download page, and a brief guide how to download, install and register your BiteFX software.

At the end of the blog, I provide a summary of the steps in Download and Installation Steps Review.
By-the-way, the steps are basically quite simple and you'd probably do fine if you just "followed your nose" but I spell everything out in detail in this blog so that if you do not regularly download and install software, you can see exactly what you should do "every click of the way".

Download and Save the BiteFX V5.1 Installer File

Before you start the download, you can open your browser of choice and verify the Internet connection is working. You begin the installer file download by clicking on the link provided below, or in the BiteFX Order Receipt email:

DOWNLOAD BiteFX V5.1 for Windows

This will automatically open your default browser.

I’ll describe how the download is managed with the following browsers (click on the link for your browser – if you are using a different browser you may need to read the instructions for a couple of these browsers to figure out what to do for your browser):

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer: 

    1. These three browsers will connect to the download site and automatically begin downloading the installer file. At the lower left corner of the browser window you can monitor the download status. The download should occur very quickly as it is a small file.        
    2. Once the BiteFX installer file has finished downloading, double-click on the downloaded installer file name (the actual msi file name may be have a different version number than as shown below).

      V5.1.10.MSI Download Chrome, Edge, IE
      The installation process continues as described in Install V5.1 from the Downloaded Installer File.

Mozilla Firefox: 

  1. Clicking on the download link automatically opens the Firefox browser. The installer file will begin downloading automatically and will display its progress at the top right of the browser window. When finished, the following will be displayed. 

    Firefox Download Upper Right Corner                                                                             
  1. Click on the folder icon or on "Show all downloads" to open your Downloads folder.

    V5.1.10.MSI in Downloads Folder - Firefox
  2. Double-click on the installer file name to begin the installation process.    
                                                                 Click on V5.1.10.msi Firefox                         
  1. The installation process continues as described in Install V5.1 from the Downloaded Installer File.

Install BiteFX V5.1 from the Downloaded Installer File

Note: If you already have V3, V4, or V5.0 installed, installing V5.1 will replace the previous versions of software!

  1. After clicking on the downloaded installer file name, the Welcome to the BiteFX V5.1 Setup Wizard dialog. Click on the "Next" button to begin installing the BiteFX software onto your computer.

 BiteFX V5.1 Welcome to Setup Wizard 

  1. The End-User License Agreement dialog will appear. You can review the entire agreement from this dialog. When you are ready, click inside the box indicating that you accept the terms in the License Agreement and then click on "Next".

V5.1 EULA_2 

V5.1.15 Accept Agreement 

 V5.1.15 Accept Agreement Next   

  1. The Custom Setup dialog opens to allow you to customize the way you want BiteFX features to appear, as well as where the program files will be stored. Except in unusual circumstances, we recommend you simply click on the "Next" button to install BiteFX using the default settings. 

V5.1.15 Custom Setup  

Note: BiteFX is not a server-based application. You must install BiteFX individually using an unused serial number on each computer.

  1. The Ready to Install BiteFX V5.1 dialog opens for you to start the installation process. Click on the "Install" button to begin installing the BiteFX software onto your computer. The installation may take several minutes to complete.

Ready to Install V5.1 

  1. The Installing BiteFX V5.1 dialog opens and displays a status bar to indicate the installation's progress.

Installing V5.1 

  1. When the installation is complete, the final Completed the BiteFX V5.1 Setup Wizard dialog appears indicating that the installation has been completed. Click on the "Finish" button.

V5.1 Install Finish

  1. Upon completion of the installation, two new BiteFX shortcut icons will appear on your desktop.

    BiteFX V5.1 Shortcut Icons

Registering the BiteFX Software

  1. A splash screen will appear momentarily showing the licensing status of the software. If this is a new installation of BiteFX, the text will display "unlicensed".  If the installation was done with BiteFX V3, V4, or V5.0 already installed, the text will display the serial number used to register the software (picked up automatically from the previous installed version).

BiteFX V5.1 Splash Screen Current

  1. The "BiteFX Registration" dialog will appear.

    V5.1 Registration Screen Current

  2. Register the software using the email address you provided when ordering BiteFX and one of the unused serial numbers provided in the BiteFX Order Receipt email (see our blog "How to Register Your BiteFX Software" for a complete step-by-step guide). When finished, click on "Register". A message should appear confirming that your registration was successful. Click on "OK" to complete the registration.

    Registration Successful

  3. After registering your software, the full content will begin downloading automatically.

    Downloading 1 of 8

  4. There will be multiple files downloaded sequentially. This may take several minutes for all the files to download, depending on your internet download speed. When all content files have downloaded, two BiteFX shortcut icons will appear on your desktop, BiteFX V5 & BiteFX V5 Study.

  5. BiteFX V5.1 Shortcut Icons

    Clicking on the BiteFX V5 icon will open the Dawson Starter or Premium software. Clicking on the BiteFX V5 Study icon will open the BiteFX Study Aid software.

Opening BiteFX V5

  1. When you click on the BiteFX V5.1 icon, the following start-up screen will appear and will prompt you to select whether you are "New to BiteFX" or a "Current Member". Click inside the panel that is appropriate for you.
V5.1 Start-up Screen
  1. The first "What's New in V5.1" page will be displayed. Click on "Next" to view the following pages, and "Got it!" to close the What's New window. You can review the pages later by clicking on the Menu button and select "What's New in V5.1" from the list.

  2. If you are a Dawson Starter or BiteFX Premium member, you can click on the BiteFX V5 Study shortcut icon to switch to that software.

Opening BiteFX V5 Study Aid to Functional Occlusion

  1. When you click on the BiteFX V5 Study icon, the following start-up screen will appear
V5.1.10 SAFO Start-up Screen
  1. If you are a Study Aid to Functional Occlusion-only subscriber, clicking on the BiteFX V5 shortcut icon will produce a message that you do not have the necessary software license to open BiteFX V5. 

    BiteFX Premium Not Available Dialog
  1. Click on "OK"; the BiteFX V5 Study Aid to Functional Occlusion software will open for you.

Download and Installation Steps Review:

  1. Click on the DOWNLOAD BiteFX V5.1 for Windows link in your BiteFX Order Receipt email.
  2. To begin the installation:
    1. For Google Chrome, Edge, and Internet Explorer after the download is completed, double-click on the downloaded msi file name.
    2. For Mozilla Firefox, click on the Download Progress symbol, then on the folder icon or on "Show All Downloads", and then double-click on the downloaded msi file name.
  3. When the BiteFX V5.1 Setup Wizard opens, click on "Next".
  4. Review the End-User License Agreement, check the box that you agree to the terms, and click on "Next".
  5. When the Custom Setup window opens, click on "Next" unless you need to change the default BiteFX setup.
  6. When the Ready to install BiteFX window opens, click on "Install".
  7. Register BiteFX using an unused license serial number.
  8. Review the "What's New in V5.1" or the "Welcome to BiteFX Study Aid to Functional Occlusion" pages when BiteFX starts.
  9. Click on "Got it!" on the last page if you don't want those pages appearing each time you start BiteFX.


* BiteFX uses binaries from FFmpeg. Although we don't use it ourselves, the FFmpeg organization requests that we provide a link to their source code wherever there is a download link for our software so here's the FFmpeg link  (this is just a legal requirement, you do NOT need to use this link to use BiteFX!):


 If you need further assistance downloading and installing your BiteFX software, please send us an email or call us at:  

1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339) 

International (+1) 530-582-1189 

Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific time



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