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July/August/September BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Sep 29, 2015 @ 18:09 PM

Our animation updates for July, August and September took longer than expected to develop and finalize. With one or two other time challenges I decided to combine the blogs describing these updates into one blog.

The three animation updates for these three months are:

  • Additive Equilibration
  • Crown Loss from Occlusal Forces with Exaggerated Flexibility
  • Crown Loss from Occlusal Forces with Rigid Crown

Animation - Additive Equilibration

Additive Equilibration shows how teeth can be equilibrated by building them up:

It takes you through these stages:

  • Healthy teeth
  • Worn teeth with premature interference
  • Achieving CR with a splint
  • Matching splint results by building up teeth

Once again we are grateful
for input and guidance from
Dr. Hal Stewart in assembling
this animation.

Animations - Crown Loss

The purpose of the crown loss animation is to illustrate how molar crowns can be lost if placement of the crown, or lack of canine guidance, results in the crown experiencing grinding forces.

We've created two versions.

One that shows a rigid crown and is the favorite this far with dentists as, after all, crowns are really quite rigid. 

The other attempts to illustrate how the forces between the teeth can loosen the crown by making the crown behave more as if it were rubber. 

Use the version that works best for you and/or your patients (remembering that it's the patients who need to understand the process).

Exaggerated Flexibility

With exaggerated flexibility the viewer gets a sense of how the crown bonds are eased apart over time.

Rigid Crown

The rigid version is more realistic as crowns are rigid. However, the animation depends on the viewer accepting that the forces generated by the teeth rubbing together will dislodge the crown.

Thank you Dr. Joe Gaudio for your input
in developing this animation.

(Dr. Gaudio takes responsibility for the
rigid version; I, Doug, take responsibility
for including the flexible version.)


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