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October 2015 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Oct 30, 2015 @ 17:10 PM

New Animation - Canine Guidance with Crossover

Dr. Mike Melkers, who will be presenting on the BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips Webinar next month, asked that we extend the canine guidance animation to show the lower canine moving outside the upper canine.
Canine Guidance with Crossover snapshot
Canine Guidance with Crossover
That's what this animation delivers and can help you explain how far the jaw can move sideways, how poor restorations might allow the other front teeth to slam together in crossover and thus another factor you consider in making your restorations.
Thank you Dr. Melkers for your input on producing this animation!

Updated Animation
- Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL

We heard from some of you that the current version of the "Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL" animation, shown below, didn't make it clear enough that the gum had receded. At first glance you might think the upper gum was still at the enamel-cementum border.
Lack of canine guidance with PDL snapshot
Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL - before update
The new version makes the contours of the gum clearer so it is more obvious that the gum has receded around the tooth.
Lack of canine guidance with PDL update snapshot
Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL - after update
Thanks to Stu Harman for picking up these concerns in some of his QuickStart coaching sessions.

Updated Animation
- Rapid Bilateral Condyle Deterioration

In  this revision we made the side views show the whole jaw and introduced wear on the rear molars - enhancements requested by Dr. Alain Aubé and Dr. Rick Rogers who helped us develop these animations.

Bilateral condyle deterioration with no adaptation update snapshot
Bilateral Condyle Deterioration with No Adaptation
- bigger side views and molar wear
Thanks again to Drs Aubé and Rogers for their help in developing and refining this animation.

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