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Getting the Word Out that Occlusion Understanding Makes You Different

Posted by Don Reid on Fri, Oct 28, 2011 @ 16:10 PM

Nowadays the majority of my business comes from referrals or people finding me through Internet searches but reflecting on my dental patient marketing experiences over the years I thought I would share those ideas that have been most successful for me. Here’s tip #1!


Taking Occlusion Understanding Public
Don Reid on marketing occlusion understanding

Sixteen years into dental practice and, as it happens, sixteen years ago, I attended one of Dr. Peter Dawson’s seminars and had it revealed to me what it took to establish a proper and stable occlusion. It didn’t take me long to incorporate evaluations and treatments for the destruction caused by the muscles of the mouth and find that I was helping people in ways that I’d never imagined. Patients were telling me long-suffered headaches were going away, grinding habits were stopping, or bites were more comfortable than they’d ever experienced. Their enthusiasm was matching or exceeding my enthusiasm for the new insights I’d gained into practicing dentistry.

Has this been your experience too? If so, you might do the same as I did then.

I asked about a half dozen patients to support me in a free public informational seminar on the “Signs and Symptoms of a Bad Bite” at a local hotel. I advertised this in the local newspaper using a ¼ page ad for 2-3 weeks, stated a limit of 50 could attend, served drinks and light food and had a reasonable roomful.

My patients offered testimonials and discussed their personal histories in such enthusiastic ways, I hardly had to speak. I used simple drawings and images of the skull to communicate what today I’d do much more effectively with BiteFX. The results were positive as many of the attendees were there to understand their personal symptoms and became patients. In the short-term we gained four to six patients and I’m sure reaped benefits of the good will sown for many years after that.

This was an effective way of getting the word out that my practice had great new capabilities.

Have you held a similar event? Any tips you'd pass on to others? Please share them in the comments area below.

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