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April 2013 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Apr 17, 2013 @ 09:04 AM

April's updates include an enhanced animation and a software update.

Detailed Splint Animation with Trace Lines

To help everyone visualize how the anterior teeth track over the splint we have produced a version that leaves trace lines when the lateral and anterior guidance are demonstrated.

Full Coverage Splint with Traces
At the same time we slowed the play speed of this animation so that it is easier to see each point it shows when played at the normal speed.

Thank you to Dr. Hugh Lamont, for this enhancement suggestion.

This animation is included in Update0011 on Windows.

Software Update 

Update 10 provided this software fix:

  • In certain situations the PDF generated was not matching what was shown in the Session Report Preview. This was corrected.

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