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BiteFX September 2018 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Mon, Oct 01, 2018 @ 14:10 PM

New Animation: 

Leaf Gauge - Detailed

Dr. Lee Brady, the Pankey Institute’s Education Director, pointed out that our current leaf guage animation was a little unrealistic, starting with using all the leaves in the leaf guage, taking a few leaves out, and amazingly hitting on just the right thickness to show an initial contact.

With Lee’s input, we’ve enhanced the animation to show a more realistic use of the leaf guage, starting with some leaves already taken out and involving more steps to find that initial point of contact.


The leaf gauge is inserted using all of its leaves.


Some leaves are taken out searching for the right thickness to show initial contact.


The leaf gauge is reinserted and tested again. This process is repeated until the proper thickness has been found.

Five thicknesses tested before the correct leaf amount was found.

Look for this animation in Update 77 on Windows, Update 43 on the iPad.

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