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BiteFX August 2018 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Aug 31, 2018 @ 12:08 PM

New Animation: 

Retrodiscal Perforation

Last in the 3D Views of the TMJ series (for now) is:

“Retrodiscal Perforation”.

This animation shows the development of a tear in the retrodiscal tissue with the tear growing until bone is rubbing on bone producing wear on the eminence and condyle.

Start of Tear

Tear Enlarges

Bones Wear

This provides a more detailed view than earlier animations on the same theme. Another good motivator not to leave a poor situation untreated.

Thanks again to Dr. Drew Cobb, Director of the Core Curriculum at The Dawson Academy, for all his input in creating this series of animations.

Look for this animation in Update 76 on Windows, Update 42 on the iPad.

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