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Why BiteFX Makes Financial Sense for Occlusion-Focused Dentists!

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 12:09 PM

We've just published a 2-sided flyer:

Why BiteFX Makes Financial Sense for Occlusion Focused Dentists!

based on a study we performed earlier this year on how much revenue practices generate from splint cases.

Although the revenues vary widely, the average of $754.50, and the number of splint cases BiteFX can help practices gain, make a pretty convincing case for using BiteFX. 

The financial case presented ignores the many other cases BiteFX helps you gain and other valuable benefits such as the monthly BiteFX Insiders' Secrets and Tips webinars which are loaded with invaluable information or insights. So BiteFX is worth much, much more to practices who make good use of it!

See for yourself! Read "Why BiteFX Makes Financial Sense for Occlusion Focused Dentists!" 

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