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Triggering Change Part 4: Hygienists Trigger Movement

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

(BiteFX Forum Article posted by Suzan Bekolay of Click Coaching)

3.    Hygienists trigger movement

Understandably reluctant to press, sell or strong arm, hygienists struggle with what to do.  He/she can trigger conversation and change with BiteFX and let BiteFX do the talking.  EG: She observes cracks.  (It's especially helpful if interferences are charted so she can see the correlation quickly.) She/he captures an image of the crack, the interference and if relevant the worn cuspid.  Her guiding non directive style goes like this;  “I'm seeing a cracked tooth.  May I show you a little animation clip that I believe will explain what caused it and then show you what I can see?”  Run cuspid rise and show them the cuspid image and “hook up” in excursive movement - perhaps abfraction or recession.  Run interferences animation; show the image of the crack.  

Broken down in small bits, patients often put it together.  

To answer the question; “then what?” is another page and I want to respect this forum.  You are welcome to email me.

Use the comment link below to add your thoughts on involving hygienists in occlusal discussions.

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