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Triggering Change Part 1: Three Behavioral Hotspots for BiteFX Use

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, May 31, 2011 @ 12:05 PM

(BiteFX Forum Article posted by Suzan Bekolay of Click Coaching)

In working with only joint based occlusion practices for a very long time, I'm a raving fan of BiteFX - a sophisticated replacement for the Denar tutor I have frequently seen collecting dust on many a doctor's shelf.  I've encouraged the use of BiteFX in ways beyond the case presentation and teaching staff; strongly agreeing with other forum posts there is considerable value to be had with both.   To me there are 3 hot spots where BiteFX is a powerful behavioural tool to trigger change and stimulate conversation; transcending it being a teaching tool.   I offer these observations and suggestions (described in following blog articles):

  1. Appliances in drawers
  2. Weaving BiteFX in to the first visits
  3. Hygienists trigger movement

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