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BiteFX V2-V4 Update History

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Jan 22, 2021 @ 17:01 PM

Below is a list of all the updates issued since we first release BiteFX V2.

If you haven't been keeping up with the updates, you may find it helpful to peruse the list to see what's been added since you last checked.

With each major upgrade we include all new animations in a "roll-up" build so, if you use the latest installer, you don't have to apply many updates to bring BiteFX up-to-date. However, these (no longer) new animations are not highlighted in BiteFX so they're not as easy to spot - this list can help you determine what has been added since you last looked.

Points at which roll-up builds were provided:

BiteFX V2 & V3 for Windows Release/Update History

Note: If the update isn't linked in the following table, we don’t have a blog describing the update. Comprehensive information about each animation(s) described is provided in the BiteFX info topics in the software/app.

Date Number Description
8/13/2012 First release made available to our customers for download. DVDs provided to some on request.
9/13/2012 Update0001 New animation: Splayed Canine. 
10/24/2012  Update0002  New animation: Neutral Zone (three views combined) 
11/1/2012  First software update. Provided to some customers on DVD and some for download. Included animations provided in updates 1, 2 and 3.
11/20/2012  Same as but with tooltips added to Albums panel.
The download version from 11/20/12 onwards. 
12/5/2012  Update0004  Software update that upgraded users to 
For implementation reasons this was applied before Update0003.
    Updates 1, 2 and 4 were updates to 2.0.0 so are not displayed when "Show installed updates" is selected in 2.0.1 and later versions.
12/5/2012  Update0003  New animations: Neutral Zone, separate animations for each view 
12/14/2012 Update0005  New animation: Splint Removal 
1/29/2013 Update0006  New animation: Slide with Lateral Movement 
2/27/2013  Update0007  New animation: Tongue Thrust 
2/7/2013  Update0008  Software update: fixed issue with session notes on user-imported pictures being lost when BiteFX exited
3/22/2013  Update0009  New animations: Separate views of Tongue Thrust (from underneath, front and side)
4/9/2013  Update0010  Software update: fixed PDF file not matching the Session Report Preview
4/25/2013  Update0011  New animation: Detailed Full Coverage Splint with Traces
6/3/2013  Update0012  Software update ( New sequence functions and support for animation order changes within the displayed animation groups.
6/3/2013  Update0013  New animations: Fremitus from Closure (in CR and Not in CR) + some animation order changes
7/9/2013  Update0014  Software update ( fix to Add Picture Album on Windows XP.
7/9/2013  "Roll-up build". New installer with all previous updates included.
7/10/2013  Update0015  New animation: Lower Splint
7/18/2013  Update0016  Software Update ( fixes hidden pictures displaying if selected.
7/29/2013  Update0017  New animation: Lower Splint Removal
8/21/2013  Update0018  New animation: Fremitus from Closure with Finger Test
10/07/2013  Update0019  New animation: Sleep Apnea Explanation and Treatment
10/31/2013  Update0020  New animation: Periodontal Ligament Flex
11/21/2013  Update0021  New animations: PDL Flex + Implant Comparison
12/19/2013  Update0022  New animation: Buccal Cusp Fracture
Animation Fixes: Anterior Guidance & Interference Slide and Toothache
New photos: Cracked Teeth
1/24/2014  Update0023  New animation: Sleep Apnea with Sound
New photos: More Cracked Teeth
Typos corrected in some Info topics and Session notes
2/28/2014  Update0024  New animation: Sleep Apnea with Chipping
New photos: Incisor Chipping and Wear
3/28/2014  Update0025  Software Update ( Picture fade-in/fade-out, plus other minor enhancements and bug fixes
3/28/2014  Update0026  New animation: Lack of Canine Guidance with Gums
Updated animation: Additional fracture added to Buccal Cusp Fracture
New photos: Abfractions and Severe Tooth Wear
4/29/2014  Update0027  New animations: Articulator + Comparing Full and Hinge Articulators
4/29/2014  Update0028  Software Update ( Matches software used in latest installer.
Fixes some minor bugs.
5/27/2014  Update0029  New animation: Tooth Modification Issues with Hinge Articulators
6/30/2014 Update0030 New animation: Accelerated Tooth Wear
7/30/2014 Update0031 New animation: Malocclusion Classifications
8/28/2014 Update0032 New animation: Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL
9/19/2014 Update0033 New animation: Supra-Eruption of Anteriors
10/29/2014 Update0034 New animation: Supra-Eruption of Posteriors +  Photos of Anterior Supra-Eruptions
11/26/2014 Update0035 New animation: Recession and Gingiva
12/23/2014 Update0036 New animation: Rapid Condyle Deterioration
Updated animation: Recession and Gingiva - probe contacts bones, not PDL space
2/5/2015 Update0037 New animation: Slow Condyle Deterioration
2/20/2015 Update0038 Software Upgrade (2.4.24): Several enhancements including information sharing, configuring session report formats, and new options window. 
BiteFX installer updated to include all updates to Update0038.
3/6/2015 Update0038a Software Upgrade (2.4.26): This will be seen by anyone on BiteFX 2.0.3 who has not downloaded updates before 3/6/2015. Instead of installing 2.4.24 they will install 2.4.26. There was a bug in 2.4.24 that would prevent BiteFX working on some non-English versions of Windows.
3/6/2015 Update0039 Software Upgrade (2.4.26): This update only applies to those who have installed BiteFX version 2.4.24 either through Update0038 or by using the 2.4.24 installer. It fixes a bug in 2.4.24 that would prevent BiteFX working on some non-English versions of Windows. It also contains some other fixes to minor problems.
3/6/2015 Update0040 New animation: Rapid Bilateral Condyle Deterioration
3/31/2015 Update0041 New animation: Slow Bilateral Condyle Deterioration with Adaptation 
4/30/15 Update0042 New animations: Long Centric, Sleep Apnea With Lip Seal
5/29/15 Update0043 New animation: Incisor Angle Influencing TMJ and Airway
6/4/15 Update0044 Software Upgrade (2.4.32): Fixed issues with BiteFX checking for updates too frequently and having a limit on the number of updates that could be installed at one time. Added ability to provide sequences as updates.
7/8/15 Update0045 New animation: Proprioception
8/31/15 Update0046 New animation: Additive Equilibration
9/28/15 Update0047 New animations: Crown Loss (rigid and "flexible" versions)
10/29/15 Update0048 New animation: Canine Guidance with Crossover
Updated animations: Lack of Canine Guidance with PDL, Rapid Bilateral Condyle Deterioration
2/2/16 Update0049 New animation: Reductive and Additive Equilibration
3/15/16 Update0050 New animation: Veneers Breaking Because of Poor Occlusion
6/2/16 Update0051 New animation: Canine Guidance with Crossover and Group Function
7/29/16 Update0052 New animation: Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear
Updated animation: Fremitus Edge-to-Edge
1/3/17 Update0053 Updated animation: Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear
2/17/17 Update0054 Software Update (2.4.55): Software updated to support download of the 2.5 installer
2/17/17 Update0055 Software Upgrade (2.5.45): Major upgrade with several new software features and roll-up of all updates issued since 2.4.24.
3/14/17 Update0056

Software Update (2.5.48): Fixes issues when session recording left switched on, and when there are too many events in the event log.
Installer also updated to use 2.5.48 so new installs have the issues fixed.

5/11/17 Update0057

Software Update: A fix to the BiteFX update program so that following updates will work.

5/11/17 Update0058

Updated animations: Reductive and Additive Equilibration, Additive Equilibration
Info topic fix:  Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear

5/11/17 Update0059

New animation: Correcting Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear

5/25/17 Update0060

Software Update (2.5.56): Edit Session Notes fixes and some other bugs.
Installer also updated.

6/27/17 Update0061

New animation: Asymmetric Open-Close
Updated animation: Lack of Canine Guidance (short name "No Canine Guidance)
Updated animation: Restricted Envelope-of-Function (short name "Restricted Envelope")

7/29/17 Update0062

New animation: Subluxation of the TMJ
Updated animation: Additive Equilibration

9/6/17 Update0063

New animation: Condyle 360 Rotation

10/5/17 Update0064

New presentation templates: Hygienist: Anterior Tooth Wear, Hygienist: Food Impaction; Hygienist: Posterior Tooth Wear; Hygienist: Regular (temporal) Headaches
New picture group: Hygienist Presentation Pictures

10/26/17 Update0065

New animation: Fossa and Condyle Rotation

11/27/17 Update0066

New animation: Mandibular Motions
New session report texts for: Hygienist Presentation Pictures

12/28/17 Update0067

Software Update (3.0.19): "Roll-up build". Updated file and folder navigation forms; Flip animations horizontally; Removes reliance on unsupported software components; Change in order of Animation/pictures alert added.

1/30/18 Update0068

New animation: Disc Healthy - Pressure Path

3/1/18 Update0069

New animation: J.A.M.S.S. (Joint and Muscle Strain/Sprain)

3/26/18 Update0070

New Animation: Disc Slip with Recapture - Pressure Path

4/30/18 Update0071

New Animation: Disc Slip with Recapture - Top, Under and Side

5/31/18 Update0073

Software Update; New Animation: Disc Slip with Recapture - Front and Sides

6/25/18 Update0074

New Animation: Disc Off Lateral Pole with No Recapture

6/25/18 Update0075

New Animation: Disc Off Front Block

8/31/18 Update0076

New Animation: Retrodiscal Perforation

9/27/18 Update0077

New Animation: Leaf Gauge - Detailed

10/30/18 Update0078

New Animation: Flat Plane Splint - Asymptomatic

11/27/2018 Update0079

New Animation: Flat Plane Splint - Symptomatic



New Animation: Angle of Function

1/28/2019 Update0081

New Animation: Chewing and Envelope of Function

2/28/2019 Update0082

Animation Updates adding an audible click to the Disc Slip animations

4/29/2019 Update0083

New Animation: Sleep Apnea Short, Plus a color enhancement to our 2D animations

5/30/2019 Update0084

New Animations: Articulator (Denar), Articulator Comp (Denar), Articulator Issues (Denar)

6/28/2019 Update0085

New Animation: Atlanto Occipital Joint (AOJ)

7/24/2019 Update0086

Animation Update adding a 3D view to the animation 'Molars No Guidance'

8/26/2019 Update0087

New Animations splitting the 'Molars No Guidance with 3D Insets' animation into its individual components

9/27/2019 Update0088

3D Insets Added to 2D Comparison Animations

10/30/2019 Update0089

More 3D Insets Added to 2D Comparison Animations

11/29/2019 Update0090

Animation Update: Enhanced Knife-Edge Wear

4/27/2020 Update0101

Animation Updates: Enhanced Ideal Contacts Animation, Ideal Contacts Sequence, and Destructive Tooth Contacts

5/26/2020 Update0102

Animations Update: Dr. Bob Kaspers' Five Condylar Positions

6/27/2020 Update0103

Animation Update: Taking and Mounting a CR Bite Record

7/28/2020 Update0104

Animation Update: Staff Training Presentation Templates

8/27/2020 Update0105

Animation Update: Bass Tooth-Brushing Technique - Outside Surfaces

9/29/2020 Update0106

Animation Update: Bass Tooth-Brushing Technique - Inside Surfaces

10/30/2020 Update0107

Animation Update: Flossing

11/27/2020 Update0108

Animation Update: Posselt's Envelope of Motion

12/18/2020 Update0109

Animation Update: Posselt's Envelope of Motion 3D Figure

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