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December 2014 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Dec 19, 2014 @ 16:12 PM

Animation - Rapid Condyle Deterioration

Do you recall Dr. Alain Aubé presenting on our May webinar "Growth Defects and DJD's in the TMJ are Much Much More Frequent Than We Used to Think" ?

Dr. Aubé along with other TMJ experts are saying you really need to know what's happening with the condyles as developing problems can undermine any work done on the teeth.

Dr. Rick Rogers from Frederick, Maryland, has helped us develop two animations to illustrate what happens when one of the condyles deteriorates rapidly (this month's update) and slowly (next month's update - we're still working on the final touches). Dr. Aubé was also an essential reviewer and provider of refinements in the development. 



In this month's update we show how a rapid condyle deterioration, from trauma or other reasonably fast causes, limits contact between the teeth to one side, causing severe wear and tooth loss.

Thank you to doctors Aubé and Rogers for the considerable input and time it has taken to produce these animations!


Animation - Recession and Gingiva Modified

Decided we could do a little better with the Recession and Gingiva animation that was delivered as last month's update.


We altered the angle of the probe slightly so that it meets the bone, not the PDL space, and you can see the unattached gum flexing a little as the probe is inserted.

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