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BiteFX January 2019 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, May 01, 2019 @ 16:05 PM

New Animation:

Chewing and Envelope of Function

Apologies for the late update this year. Apparently with the flurry of things happening at BiteFX these last months (see our monthly newsletters if you want to know more), keeping the updates blog updated fell to the way side. However, now that we have realized our mistake, we are working on rectifying it now.

January's update shows how a restricted envelope of function impacts vertical and horizontal chewers.

The first half shows that vertical chewers can get away with pretty steep incisor inclinations,



While the second half shows that a horizontal or rotational chewing motion is likely to rub the upper incisors when the inclination is too steep.


(Close-up from above snapshot)

This animation was developed based on input from Dr. Ian Buckle and Dr. Drew Cobb of the Dawson Academy and finalized with some fine-tuning from Dr. Rick Rogers. We are always grateful for the time dentists like these individuals put into suggesting and guiding the development of new animations.


Look for this animation in Update 81 on Windows, Update 47 on the iPad.

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