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BiteFX February 2019 Updates

Posted by Ben Brown on Wed, May 01, 2019 @ 17:05 PM

Animation Updates:

Adding an Audible 'Click' to the Disc Slip Animations (Found in the '3D Views of TMJ' Group)

Our good friend Dr. Milos Boskovic is great at pointing out “obvious” omissions from our animations. Almost every time he makes a comment to me, I’m hitting myself on the forehead saying, “Absolutely! We should have done that!”

His latest observation was that our 3D animations showing disc recaptures didn’t have the clicking sound in them that we have in the 2D views that illustrate recaptures.

In February we released those updates – with audible clicks when the condyle jumps on and off the disc.

Note that you’ll only hear those clicks when you use the Play button to play the animations. You won’t hear the clicks if you are using one of the slider controls.

Thank you Dr. Boskovic for keeping us on our toes!


Look for this in Update 82 on Windows, Update 48 on the iPad.

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