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Posted by Michael Schuster on Thu, Jul 27, 2017 @ 15:07 PM

Guest blog article written by Dr. Mike Schuster, Director of the Schuster Center, author, well-known speaker and coach to thousands of dentists.

This is one of a series of posts and emails Mike writes regularly, encouraging dentists to be the best they can be.

Mike has kindly allowed us to share a selection of these articles with you. This is the fourth of our selection.

In this article Mike laments the state of healthcare that focuses on treating symptoms rather than preventing or curing disease and how that gives dentists an opportunity of a lifetime!



For the past three decades, the majority of private R & D dollars in the pharmaceutical industry have been spent on products that treat merely the symptoms of disease rather than prevent or cure disease--thus creating customers for life.

Today, the world's top selling prescription drugs, Lipitor, Zocor, NexiumPrevacid, and Zoloft, have the following things in common:

  • They do not prevent disease.
  • They treat only the symptoms of disease.
  • The are not narcotic or controlled substances and thus should not be prescription medicines.
  • They would have less chance of being sold directly to consumers as real products without first coopting trusted (??) physicians as sales agents.
  • They are dangerous to your long term health, because by treating only the symptoms of a deadly disease they prevent you from modifying your behavior to prevent or cure disease.

This IS the Dreadful Story of American Disease Care.

People PASSIVELY allow traditional physicians to treat their disease as they slowly go downhill.

  • LIPITOR, the #1 selling prescription drug in the world, is prescribed to lower your cholesterol. Every health professional will tell you the best way to lower your cholesterol is to change your DIET and to EXERCISE. Instead millions of Americans take this drug for their entire lives--which is dangerous because it prevents them from making the LIFESTYLE CHANGES that prevent and often cure the disease.
  • Zocor, the #2 selling drug in the United States, is functionally the same as Lipitor. 
    It is amazing that Americans spend $10Billion a year on these two drugs.
  • Nexium: Nexium, designed to treat heartburn is the latest trick perpetrated on consumers by pharmaceutical companies aided by Traditional Physicians. The majority of people who have heartburn have it because of what they eat and drink, not because they are predisposed to ACID REFLUX
  • Prevacid: Prevacid is functionally the same as Nexium If Preacid and Nexium were over the counter medicines instead of prescriptions, their advertising would have to inform consumers that the best way to cure heartburn is to stop eating food and drinking fluids that are causing the heartburn.
  • Zoloft: Zoloft is the #1 selling drug in the world for depression and anxiety--more than 28 million Americans (1 in 10) have taken Zoloft or its functional equivalents Prozac and Prazil. 2-4% of those taking these drugs report suicidal thoughts.
    These are extremely dangerous drugs because they prevent people from dealing with the CAUSES of DEPRESSION (including their diets and lifestyle).
    According to a recent study at Harvard Medical School, antidepressant drugs SHOULD NOT BE USED IN 75% of the cases where they are prescribed.

Chronic Degenerative Diseases are on a rapid increase as consumers/patients remain PASSIVELY ENGAGED with their health and well being.

Health requires an interdependent relationship with a physician or dentist.

You really don't need a relationship to keep patients in the dark, keep them passive, and simply treat their disease.

How different are traditional dentists than traditional physicians?

We prescribe fillings, crowns, root canals, while physicians prescribe drugs.

No one gets better...we become passive participants in a dysfunctional game where only the DRUG COMPANIES and INSURANCE COMPANIES WIN.


20% of the American Public, some 67,000,000 Americans are looking for something different, something better than traditional disease care.

Is your practice geared towards TREATING DISEASE or FACILITATING HEALTH?

What an OPPORTUNITY for those who 'see it'.

Dentists have an OPPORTUNITY of a LIFETIME. We don't prescribe drugs (most of us don't) and we can help patients alter their lifestyle and in return for that, they ask us to do definitive LONG-TERM dentistry (repairing the defects from previous neglect and passive/disease care relationships with former DISEASE CARE DENTISTS).

Teaching patients to SELF-CLEAN their mouths, DIETARY ANALYSIS and COACHING; Lifestyle Analysis and Coaching.

The modern hygiene program offers amazing opportunities for both patients and dental teams.


While the majority of dentists don't know what's happening to them, a few of us, maybe 5% of us
are LOVING what we do and HOW we do it.

Our patients LOVE US and our PROCESS and would NEVER THINK OF LEAVING US and going back to

I'm Dr. Mike Schuster and I am 100% responsible for this message.


Want to learn more from Mike? Go to the Schuster Center website!

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