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How to Follow BiteFX and Share on LinkedIn and Facebook

Posted by Ben Brown on Thu, Jul 27, 2017 @ 16:07 PM

Why would you want to follow us?

  1. It makes sure you see whenever we post to one of these media.
  2. It boosts our credibility with these media.
  3. That helps get the message out to other dentists!

Why would you want to share something we post?

  1. If you find a post interesting/useful, some of your dental colleagues are likely to find it interesting and useful as well.
  2. You again help to get the message out about occlusion and BiteFX, for which we’ll be immensely grateful!

Following can be done with 4 simple steps which you can learn from either watching the video below, or by continuing reading. Sharing is explained at the end of this blog post.


To Follow:

Step 1: Navigate to either LinkedIn or Facebook (or simply click the links below):                                                   

LinkedIn Navigation.png Facebook Navigation.png


Step 2: Use the page’s search bar seen at the top and type “BiteFX”, then press enter.

LinkedIn Search.png Facebook Search Bar.png

For LinkedIn users, you will have to navigate to the “Companies” tab after searching.

LinkedIn Companies Tab.png 

 Step 3: Click on the BiteFX company page.

LinkedIn BiteFX Company Page Link.png

Facebook BiteFX Company Page Link.png


Step 4: Click on the “Follow” button! (For LinkedIn, if you do not see it immediately, scroll down and it will be on your left.)

LinkedIn Follow.png Facebook Follow.png


To Share:

Sharing is as simple as can be!

Step 1: Navigate to either the Facebook or LinkedIn BiteFX company page.

Step 2: Any posts that catch your eye or your interest, simply click on the share button seen below the post.

               Share post.png

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