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Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?

Posted by Doug Brown on Tue, Feb 11, 2014 @ 10:02 AM

I've been taking a lot of input and advice on marketing from the Glazer Kennedy Insider's Circle over the last year or so. It's certainly made a difference to BiteFX and challenged us to do things that we might otherwise have thought too extreme to try.

Today, one of their leading lights, Darcy Juarez, posted a blog with the title "Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?" and went on to focus on dental practice marketing. It's essentially a hook to bring people to their Super Conference in March but has some excellent points that you should read whether or not you are interested in the Super Conference.

You'll find the blog here:

Are You Making This Professional Practice Advertising Mistake?

- Good information to pair with tonight's webinar (available to Platinum members) that will be telling you how to double your website's effectiveness by using Google Remarketing. If you miss it, you can catch the recording in the BiteFX Members Area.

Have particular ideas worked well for you in communicating to your prospective patients? It would be great if you would share them using the comments area below!

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