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March 2014 BiteFX Updates - Software, Animations and Photos

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Mar 28, 2014 @ 12:03 PM

This article gives details of the updates provided to BiteFX on Windows in March 2014.

Updates described:


As usual at this year's AES meeting we received a wealth of great suggestions for new animations or animation tweaks. This month's animation updates include two of these tweaks. 

Lack of Canine Guidance with Gums

Dr. Ed Sims from Sacramento, CA, expressed a desire to see gums in our lack of canine guidance animation. As we had already modeled gums for other animations this was a relatively easy enhancement to make. 



Added Fracture to Buccal Cusp with Fracture

Dr. Clarke Woodruff observed that the buccal cusp fracture animation we introduced last year did not show the type of longitudinal fractures common in hollowed-out teeth - as shown in one of the pictures we  provided. So we've made that adjustment and added a fracture down the side of the tooth. 


 Thank you Drs Sims and Woodruff for these helpful suggestions.  

New Pictures - Abfractions and Wear 

This month you'll receive some more photos provided by Dr. John Kinsley, being the last of the set of photos he has supplied.  


Thanks again to Dr. Kinsley for these photos!


BiteFX updated to version and includes the following enhancements and fixes:


  1. When presenting a sequence, either manually or using autoplay, pictures fade in and fade out - so the transition from animation to picture or picture to picture is much smoother than before.
  2. You can configure the fade-in time for the pictures in the Options panel. By default it is one second. 
  3. When pictures are hidden, picture names do not appear in the sequences that you create.
  4. In the Produce Session Report dialog, the order of functions has been changed to:
    Save to File
    Send Email
    (Previously Preview/Print was the third item in the list.)
  5. The frame counter can support frame counts greater than 1,000.
  6. If the email address used for your online BiteFX account is changed, the new address is communicated to BiteFX on Windows. This ensures that your license/registration stays in-sync with our registration server.


  1. If you have created multiple sequences, and change which sequence is selected, the currently displayed animation is NOT selected in the newly selected sequence.
  2. When browsing folders to import an album, compressed folders are not displayed (BiteFX does not support importing albums from compressed folders).
  3. Autoplay starts playing from the selected item in the sequence. (Previously always started at the first item if a picture was selected.)
  4. If you are using multiple monitors, selecting Maximize or Full Screen, maximizes on the current monitor. (Previously was always going to the primary monitor.)
  5. Editing a sequence name saves the update when you click elsewhere to end the editing. (Previously this caused the changes to be lost.)
  6. Sometimes deleting a sequence would cause an exception error. This has been fixed.
  7. Deleting the second last sequence gave the (empty) last sequence the name of the deleted sequence. No longer happens.
  8. BiteFX remembers the play speed setting for an animation from one BiteFX session to the next. (Was always meant to do this but at some point it stopped happening.)
  9. On certain systems BiteFX would not start, giving a "read from 00000000 exception". Fixed. (Those who reported this problem were given a fix.)
  10. If BiteFX is closed with an imported image showing, that image shows when BiteFX is restarted. (This wasn't happening.) 

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