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Top 5 Reasons Why BiteFX V2.0w is a Must-Have Upgrade

Posted by Doug Brown on Mon, Oct 08, 2012 @ 16:10 PM

We’ve put a lot of work into creating the latest release of BiteFX on Windows and we’ve been excited to share all its great features with you. While we know exactly why we’ve put those features in BiteFX, how they will help you be more effective, and are hearing from those who made the upgrade early just how great it is, it may not be immediately obvious to you how the new features translate into savings or new revenue for you. This blog tells you why!

  1. Selecting animations, importing your own photos and creating your own canned presentations that combine animations and photographs is so much easier than beforethat you will:
    1. Give better presentations
    2. Take less time looking for items you want to present
    3. Be better able to focus your attention on your patients’ needs and reactions
  2. Because creating presentation sequences is an easy drag-and-drop operation, you can create tailored presentations for each patient within a few seconds. Consider the increased impact on each patient knowing you’ve created a special presentation just for them!
  3. New animations help you:
    1. Show more malocclusion effects to motivate patients to act now
    2. Explain the benefits of your occlusal splints in more detail, leaving people with little doubt that your orthotics are the best
    3. Explain your approach to full-mouth reconstruction,
    4. Demonstrate your understanding of implant inflexibility
  4. You can now produce take-home reminders of what you presented for patients who want to take time to consider your treatment proposals . You can be sure spouses are given a much clearer description of why your treatment is right and worth the investment. PLUS you have these reports to enhance your patient records should you ever need to remind yourself or the patient what was presented.
  5. By signing up for the BiteFX Subscription you help keep BiteFX alive into the future. Not only are you making sure that BiteFX will keep up with operating system and other software updates but you’ll also be seeing more frequent animation updates AND help us progress towards the bigger goal of helping to improve the occlusal elements of dental training. With BiteFX enhancing business revenues by thousands every month, the BiteFX Subscription is a small investment in its future.

So …

  • Upgrade BiteFX because it will make you look better
  • Upgrade BiteFX because you’ll enjoy using it even more
  • Upgrade BiteFX because you will sell more occlusal-based dentistry with its help
  • Upgrade BiteFX because it’s so easy to keep records of what you presented
  • Upgrade BiteFX because you want to say “thank you” for how BiteFX has helped you thus far and to partner with us in making it better for you and future dentists for years to come. It will make you feel good!

Act now and sign-up for the upgrade!

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