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December 2012 BiteFX Updates - Windows Update0005

Posted by Doug Brown on Mon, Dec 17, 2012 @ 14:12 PM

Have you ever had a patient complain about their occlusal splint because it “makes their bite feel really uncomfortable”?

I.e. when they remove the splint their bite doesn’t feel like it used to?

Hal Stewart, one of our long-time customers, suggested to us that an animation explaining what happens when you remove a splint would be really helpful – so that’s what we have produced as this month’s update animation.

Splint Removal Animation Snapshot

It shows the splint being inserted, allowing the condyle to settle back in its fully seated position, with the pterygoid muscles relaxing. Then the splint is withdrawn and the jaw closes with the condyle still fully seated – making it clear that the initial contacts are in the rear, nothing like the patient's old MIP byte.

With the detailed full-coverage splint animation that we created for the V2 products, you should now be completely armed to help patients understand why your occlusal splint is worth every penny they pay, and why they should wear it or sign-up for the restorative work that will give them the bite they experience when using your splint.

Along with this animation we are also providing:

  • A revised Bruxing Effect on Molars (short name: Brux Molar) animation that doesn’t have the rear molar moving into the next molar.
    (Thank you Alain Aubé for pointing this out)
    The animation starts with a backward movement that moves the rear molar away from the contacting tooth.
  • A revised TMJ Disc Distortion V2 (TMJ V2) animation that includes the “click” sounds when the condyle clicks into and out of the disc
    (Thank you Milos Boskovic for pointing out the missing clicks)
  • (Windows only) New PowerPoint files with buttons for invoking all the animations including the latest updates – these are in your Program Files/BiteFXV2 folder.
    Note there are different versions for 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
    Also, we discovered issues with our installation program and update support so:
    a) Everyone receives files with "Updated" in their names (they don't overwrite the original file that was installed)
    b) The "Updated" files are placed in your c:\Program Files (86)\BiteFXV2 (64-bit computers) or C:\Program Files\BiteFXV2 (32-bit computers) folder. They DO NOT replace the original file which is accessed from your Start, All Programs menu - you have to find them in the BiteFXV2 folder.
    c) Everyone receives both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
    Our installer only installs the appropriate version for your computer but the update program isn't currently able to make that distinction. You'll know which one to use  - it will be the file with "Updated" in its name that is otherwise the same as the file that doesn't have "Updated" in its name.

If you are not a BiteFX Subscriber, you can upgrade to BiteFX Occlusion Animations V2 by going to the BiteFX Products page.

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