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Treatment Plan: Adding Session Notes to Imported Pictures

Posted by Stuart Harman on Thu, Mar 21, 2013 @ 16:03 PM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu explains how you can import your own photos and enter notes that will be printed alongside those photos when session reports are created.

Stuart Harman 

Important: Before following the instructions in this article make sure you have installed the fix provided in Update 8 for BiteFX on Windows.

Experienced BiteFX users are well aware of the synergistic power of combining animations and patients’ photographs to successfully explain complex occlusal concepts and transfer ownership of the problem to their patients.

With the session report feature, patients can now walk out the door with a printed report, or receive an email with the report attached as a PDF file.

The session report includes all of the items (animations and pictures) that were shown to the patient as a reminder of what they saw and heard during the consultation.

All of the animations and photographs included in the BiteFX software come with BiteFX-provided notes that can be kept “as is” for the report, replaced completely, or edited. Obviously, however, imported photographs do not include any BiteFX-provided notes so you are likely to want to add notes to those imported photographs.

There are two ways to do this, prior to the consultation and after the consultation has been conducted.

Creating Session Notes Prior to the Consultation

You can create the notes as you import the photographs by following these steps: 

  1. Import your folder of photographs by clicking on the Add new… button in the Album panel menu (for detailed instructions how to import photographs, read the blog "How to Import Images Into BiteFX for Windows").

    Add New Button

    This brings up a folder-selection dialog which you use to navigate to and select the folder containing the photographs to be imported.
    BiteFX imports all the photos in the selected folder.
    An image will be added to the albums panel with the name of the imported folder.
  2. Click on the imported album thumbnail.

    Imported Album Thumbnail

    This will automatically open the Picture panel and so you can view the photographs you’ve put in the folder.
  3. Select the photograph for which you want to add your session notes

    Select Photo to Edit

    so it is displayed in the main screen:
    Selected Photo
  4. Now click on the Menu button and then select Edit session notes.

    Menu Button 
    Select Edit Session Notes
  5. This brings up an edit notes window.

    Blank Edit Notes Window

    Begin typing to add your notes for the selected photograph. When you are finished, click on OK.
    The screen will revert to the selected photograph.

  6. Now, whenever this photograph is used in a session recording, the notes you added will always appear in the Review/Edit Session Notes window and in your published Session Report until you either change the notes or delete them.

    Edit Session Notes Image
    Review/Edit Session Notes Window
    Session Report Page resized 600
    Session Report

Here’s a recap of the process described in detail above:

  1. Import your patient’s photo(s)
  2. Open the picture panel and select the imported photo for which you want to add notes so it is displayed in the main screen
  3. Open the Menu, then select Edit session notes
  4. Type in the notes you want associated with that photograph, and then click on OK
  5. Repeat as necessary for additional imported photographs.


Creating Session Notes After the Consultation

You can also add the session notes after you've presented your treatment plan using the following steps. Your notes will still be saved for use in future session reports.

  1. To add notes to imported photographs after you have completed a recorded BiteFX consultation, click on the Edit session recording on/off button (the leftmost button in the array) to open the Review/Edit Session Notes window.

    Edit Session Recording Button
  2. Locate the photograph for which you wish to add notes and either 1) click anywhere inside the blank text box to the right of the thumbnail, or 2) click on Edit note on the upper right corner of the box to open the edit window.

    Blank Edit Session Notes Box

    The edit window:
    describe the image
  3. Type in the notes you wish to associate with the photograph using your keyboard, and then click on OK.
  4. Whenever this photograph is used in a session recording, the notes you added will always appear in the Review/Edit Session Notes window and in your published Session Report until you either change the notes or delete them.

    describe the image
  5. Select any remaining photographs for which you need to add notes, and repeat steps 2 and 3 above.

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