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July 2013 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Thu, Jul 11, 2013 @ 14:07 PM

This article covers updates released (or intended to be released) in June as well as those released in July. Updates include new lower splint animations and some software fixes.

Lower Splint

Over the years a number of dentists have expressed to us that they use a lower splint, rather than the upper splint we show in our animations. Sometimes the choice of lower splint is just a matter of personal preference or training background, sometimes it's a practical or esthetic one in that lower splints are more easily worn during the day.

Although the design principles are similar, it is better for these dentists to have an animation illustrating the principles by showing a full-coverage lower splint.

With some prompting from Dr. Warren Jesek who wanted an animation to support his teaching and some help from Dr. John Workman in creating a version for general consumption, this month's update (Update 15) delivers an animation showing a lower splint. 


It covers the same points as the detailed full-coverage splint animation:

  • Good fit
  • Designed to help jaw settle back into CR, relaxing the lateral pterygoid muscles
  • When the jaw is fully seated contacts are simultaneous and even on closure
  • Splint provides protrusive and lateral guidance 

Lower Splint Removal

Later this month we'll also provide an animation showing how, when a lower splint is removed, the patient's bite will feel different - because the jaw has settled back into its fully seated position.

Software Update

Update 14 provided BiteFX software version 

This was also used for a roll-up build available from the Members Area for anyone installing on a new computer or needing to reinstall BiteFX on an existing computer. The roll-up build includes all the updates issued up to this point and is delivered in the Windows installer file "BiteFX".

The software (i.e. version of the BiteFX.exe application) fixes:

- A problem on Windows XP of not showing pictures of imported albums

- Resetting the drag delay to 0. Having it set to a non-zero value can make it appear that the drag function (e.g. dragging animations to your own sequence) isn't working.
If dragging isn't working as you expect, check the Drag Delay on the Advanced tab of the Options panel. Unless you are instructed to do otherwise, set the Drag Delay to zero.

- In the Session Report, default font for the Introduction and Conclusion texts and any user-entered text is the same as the BiteFX-provided text (previously it was defaulting to something different)

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