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BiteFX February 2018 Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Feb 28, 2018 @ 18:02 PM

New Animation: J.A.M.S.S.

As we developed an animation to help Dr. Eli describe the JAMSS condition in February's webinar, it seemed appropriate to make this our February animation update.

This may be useful to help your staff understand why you are adopting the S.A.F.E. protocol or if a patient develops JAMSS and needs to understand what has happened.

JAMSS-Frame-630-Pain-with-Hand.png JAMSS-Frame-1027-Pain-Later.png

The info topic and documents provided above under "Dr. Brad Eli on JAMSS" will fill you in on the details if you missed Dr. Eli's webinar.

Thanks, of course, to Dr. Eli for his help in developing this animation. 

Look for this animation in Update 69 on Windows, Update 35 on the iPad. 

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