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July 2016 BiteFX Update

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Jul 29, 2016 @ 17:07 PM

Supra Eruption With Front Tooth Wear

This animation shows how front tooth wear can lead to supra eruption of those teeth, causing the gum and bone to grow with the teeth.

SupraEruptionWithFrontToothWearStart.pngStarting state of teeth

Middle of animation with front teeth being worn

Ending state of teeth - worn with supra eruption

Thanks to Dr. Jim Hasken for his input and help in developing this animation.

Fremitus Edge-to-Edge

We’ll also be issuing an update to the Fremitus edge-to-edge animation as we spotted, during some testing of the next release, that this animation had been rendered at a different size than all the others. The Info topic was also updated to provide the frame-by-frame description of the animation.

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