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June 2015 BiteFX Update

Posted by Doug Brown on Wed, Jul 08, 2015 @ 11:07 AM

Animation - Proprioception

A number of you have asked that we provide an animation to help illustrate proprioception - the jaw moving into MIP, unconsciously avoiding an interference.

This will help patients understand how you have found an interference but they don't feel it when they close under their own control.

The animation first shows the jaw closing on an interference and sliding into MIP (snapshot 1 below).

It then opens and closes again, but this time before the teeth touch the system "senses" that an interference will be encountered if the jaw continues to rotate shut so the interference is avoided by pulling the jaw forward while it closes (snapshots 2 to 4 below). 

Snapshot 1 - interference in CR

Snapshot 2 - system senses interference

Snapshot 3 - path taken to avoid interference
Snapshot 4 - jaw closes in MIP, out of CR


Dr. Hal Stewart helped us develop this animation - actually coming out of a longer animation on additive equilibration that you should see next month.


Thank you Dr. Stewart for your willing assistance!


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