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How to Use the Hide/Unhide Image Controls in BiteFX for Windows

Posted by Stuart Harman on Wed, Mar 05, 2014 @ 17:03 PM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu explains how to hide and unhide images in imported albums to enable compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations.

A very powerful way of using BiteFX is to use animations that show the mechanics of normal and malocclusion in combination with photographs that exhibit the clinical effects.  To  achieve maximum impact on the patient, many BiteFX users prefer to use photographs of the patient's own teeth, which also serves to help transfer ownership of the problem to that patient.

In order to display patient's photographs from BiteFX, the photographs must first be imported into the BiteFX software (see How to Import Photographs into BiteFX in the BiteFX Blog). There may be times when there are multiple albums imported into the software, and whenever the Picture panel is open, it may be possible for an individual to see images of another patient or patients, potentially producing a HIPAA violation. In order to avoid this, the BiteFX software enables you to hide images in imported albums, so only the images you want the patient to see are visible.

There are two ways to Hide/Unhide images in BiteFX. The first way is to hide/unhide each imported album individually and the second is to hide/unhide the images for all imported albums. Here's how it's done:

Hide/Unhide Individual Imported Albums

This function allows you to make the images in individual imported albums visible or hidden.

  1. Open the Album panel
  2. Because the Hide/Unhide function only applies to imported albums, note that the Hide album button only appears on imported album thumbnails:

    Album Comparison with Box

                                                      BiteFX Album                         Imported Album
  1. You can also see that the Hide image button icon changes in appearance, depending on whether the imported album is in the Unhidden or Hidden mode:

Hide Image Icon Comparison

Unhidden                  Hidden

  1. To hide visible images in a specific imported album, click on the Hide image button in the upper right corner of that album:

Click on Hide Image to Hide


  1. This will cause the following to happen;  1) the Album thumbnail will display "Hidden Picture", 2)  with the Picture panel open, all of the thumbnails in that album row will display "Hidden Picture", and 3) when a hidden image is selected, the screen image will only show "Hidden Picture".

Album Thumbnail When Images Hidden

1. Thumbnail Appearance in Album Panel in Hidden Mode


Hidden Picture in Picture Panel

2. In Picture Panel, All Image Thumbnails Hidden in that Album   


Selected Hidden Picture in Main Screen

3. Image in Main Screen When Hidden Image Selected

  1. To hide additional imported albums, repeat this process as described above for each album
  2. To unhide individual albums, simple click on the Hide album button again to restore the images for viewing:

Unhide Album


Hide/Unhide All Imported Albums

This function allows you to globally hide or unhide images for all imported albums at one time. To perform this function, a Hide/Unhide Images button is located at the lower right corner of the main screen whenever the Animation, Picture or Album panel is selected.

Global Hide Button Location


Global Hide Unhide Button with Box

"Hide/unhide images" Button


Hide All Albums

  1. To hide images in all imported albums at one time, simply click on the Hide/unhide images button, or hit Ctrl + H on your keyboard.

Click on Globally Hide Button

"Hide/unhide images" Button Before Hiding All Images

  1. The following three pictures show; 1) the Picture panel with no imported albums hidden, 2) the Picture panel with one album individually hidden, and 3) the resulting effect when clicking on the Hide/unhide images button.

Thumbnails Before Global Hide

1. Before Hiding All Imported Albums - No Individual Importd Albums Hidden


Thumbnails Before Global Hide w One Album Hidden

2. Before Hiding All Imported Albums - One Imported Album Individually Hidden


Thumbnails After Globally Hiding Albums

3. After Globally Hiding All Imported Albums - No Images in Imported Albums Visible


Unhide All Imported Albums

This is a useful function when editing and creating user-defined sequences and you want to be able to see all of your imported albums.

  1. To unhide images in all imported albums at one time, simply click on the Hide/unhide images button, or hit Ctrl + H on your keyboard. 

Click on Globally Unhide Button

"Hide/unhide images" Button Before Unhiding All Images


describe the image

All Images in Imported Albums Now Visible


If you need further assistance learning how hide and unhide images in imported albums, please contact us by email at your convenience, or by telephone Mon-Fri  8am–5pm Pacific Time:

1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339)
International (+1) 530-582-1189


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