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How to Upgrade to BiteFX V4 for Windows Using the V3 Update Process

Posted by Stuart Harman on Tue, Dec 31, 2019 @ 10:12 AM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu explains how to upgrade your BiteFX V3.0 for Windows software to V4.0 using the software update process or by downloading the installer file and manually installing V4.0 yourself.

If you already have BiteFX V3.0 software installed, you may be able to update your software to V4.0 by letting the V3.0 software download the new installer file for you using the update process. The decision whether to use this method depends on how updated your V3.0 software is. This blog will show you how to check your update status and decide if it's better to upgrade your software by running the update program or download the installer file and install BiteFX V4.0 yourself.

Check the Update Status of Your V3.0 Software

  1. Start BiteFX.

  2. Evaluate if it will be faster to manually install V4.0 rather than using the V3.0 update process. If either of the following conditions exist, our recommendation is to download the V4.0 installer file and install it yourself:

    1. The "Updates Available" symbol appears over the Menu button with the number (5):

      V4 Upgrade - Five Updates Available
There are still a large number of updates that have not yet downloaded. Click on the Menu button and select Updates in the drop-down list (or click inside the red "Updates Available" alert symbol over the Menu button):

V4 Upgrade - Lots of Updates Remaining

Decide Which Upgrade Method Is Best

  1. If there are still a significant number of updates that have not been downloaded, we recommend you close BiteFX and install BiteFX V4.0 yourself  using the following link: DOWNLOAD BiteFX V4.0 for Windows. *
      Note: You do not need to uninstall V3.0 before installing V4.0.
  1. If there are just a few updates left to install, finish the update process by installing the downloaded updates and  upgrade the software to V4.0 using the process described in the next section.

    V4 Upgrade - Most Updates Downloaded

Upgrading V3.0 to V4.0 Using the Update Process

  1. After the V3.0 updates (through Update #91) have been installed, re-start BiteFX.

  2. An "Upgrade available" dialog will appear.

    V4.0 Upgrade Available Dialog

  3. Click on "Yes" to proceed with the upgrade. If you click on "No", BiteFX will not be upgraded and the software will start as V3.0. Each time you start BiteFX, this dialog will appear until you complete the upgrade process.

  4. The BiteFX V4.0 Setup Wizard dialog will appear. Install V4.0 by following the prompts. If you would like to watch the video tutorial, How to Install V4.0 for Windows, click here .

  5. The BiteFX Download dialog will appear. Click on "Download" to begin downloading the large Movie, Picture and Presentation Template content files. It may take several minutes to download the (9) files, depending on your Internet connection speed.

    V4.0 Upgrade - BiteFX Download Dialog

  6. When the content files have finished downloading, BiteFX will automatically start. The first of three "What's New in V4.0" pages will be displayed.

    V4.0 Upgrade - Whats New Page 1

  7. Click on "Next" to go to page two, then on "Tell Me Again Later" or "Got it" on the final page. If you click on "Tell Me Again Later", the pages will re-appear each time you start BiteFX. You can always view the "What's New in V4.0" pages by clicking on the Menu button and selecting "What's New in V4.0" from the list.

    V4.0 Blog - Open the Update Dialog with Updates from List-1

Recap of Upgrading V3.0 to V4.0

  1. Check the update status of your BiteFX V3.0 software.
  2. Decide which upgrade method is best; if the V3.0 software has nearly or completely downloaded the updates through Update #91, finish the updates installation process; otherwise, manually download the installer file and install V4.0.
  3. Re-start V3.0.
  4. Follow the V4.0 Setup Wizard prompts.
  5. Download the large content files and any added updates.
  6. Read the "What's New in V4.0", then click on "Got it".

* BiteFX uses binaries from FFmpeg. Although we don't use it ourselves, the FFmpeg organization requests that we provide a link to their source code wherever there is a download link for our software so here's the FFmpeg link  (this is just a legal requirement, you do NOT need to use this link to use BiteFX!):

If you need further assistance upgrading your BiteFX V3.0 for Windows software to V4.0, please contact us by email at your convenience, or by telephone Mon-Fri  8am–5pm Pacific Time:

1-877-2BiteFX (1-877-224-8339)
International (+1) 530-582-1189



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