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February 2015 BiteFX Updates

Posted by Doug Brown on Fri, Mar 06, 2015 @ 09:03 AM

Animation - Rapid Bilateral Condyle Deterioration


Following on from the last two months' updates in which we have shown rapid and slow deterioration on a single condyle, this month's update shows what happens if both condyles rapidly deteriorate.

Starting with healthy condyles we show both condyles shrinking and the bite opening. 



We were going to include slow condylar deterioration with this animation but we have decided that there are more refinements we should include in that animation, so will issue the bilateral slow condylar deterioration animation next month.


Thank you again to doctors Aubé and Rogers for the considerable input and time it has taken to produce these animations.



We also issued the BiteFX V2.4 upgrade described in the blog article BiteFX V2.4 Software Upgrade.


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