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Helpful Hints Using BiteFX for iPad - V2.3

Posted by Stuart Harman on Wed, Jan 18, 2017 @ 14:01 PM

From the desk of Stu Harman, our support and coaching expert. In this article Stu provides some helpful hints and tips to help you get familiar with some of the new features and behaviors of the soon-to-be-released BiteFX for iPad V2.3.

Installing & Registering BiteFX

Installing BiteFX

BiteFX can be installed on as many of your iPad tablets as you wish.

Registering BiteFX

  1. Use the same email address as used when placing your BiteFX order (or a new address that has been provided to BiteFX and updated in your BiteFX database record).
  2. Enter the iPad Password you were provided. When entering the 16-digit number, do not include the hyphens.

If you’re not sure which email address to use, or you can’t find your iPad Password, just contact us and we’ll be happy to provide it to you.

What to Do if Downloading Aborts Before All Files Are Downloaded

Due to the extensive number of files that need to be downloaded to install the full version of BiteFX onto your iPad, it is not unusual for the process to be aborted prematurely. If a download abort occurs, your iPad will revert to the Home screen.

  1. Tap on the BiteFX icon to re-start the app and a dialog will appear with a message that the download was aborted or a few files could not be downloaded correctly.
  2. Tap on Yes to continue the download.
  3. It’s possible the download aborts more than once during the download. If this happens repeat steps 1 & 2 above until you see the message saying that all files have been downloaded.

Updating your BiteFX for iPad App

Throughout the year, BiteFX may release new animations and features for your BiteFX app. When new content is released, an alert icon will appear over the Menu button. Although the image below shows 27 updates are available, normally there will only be 1-2 updates released at a time.
Update Alert Icon.png

Tap on the Menu button and download the update(s) in the usual manner.

Be sure to update BiteFX as soon as possible when you see the alert symbol so you don’t miss out on great new additions to the app!

Clearing Blue Borders on Newly Added Animations and Their Group Names

Every animation group that has had new animations added to it will display a blue background. The newly added animations within that group will appear with a blue border around the thumbnail to identify the animations in the panel that are new.

We suggest you open each new animation, and then tap on the “i” button to display the Information pane and become familiar with that animation’s purpose.

  1. To clear the blue border around a new animation, select the animation and play it for at least one frame to clear the blue border.
  2. Once all of the new animations in a group have been “cleared”, the blue background behind the group name will also be removed.

Creating Your Own Sequences

The BiteFX app provides rows below the Animation panel where you can drag and drop animation thumbnails to create as many of your own sequences as you would like.

  1. With the Animation panel open, tap on the Padlock located at the bottom right corner of the tablet screen (to the left of the BiteFX logo). The padlock will change from the “Locked” to “Unlocked” icon after a brief pause (as shown below).

 Padlocks Together.png

  1. Drag the animations you want from the upper part of the panel to your presentation row.
  2. Rename the sequence by tapping on the default sequence name and then tap in the new name with your virtual keyboard. When finished, tap on “Save”.
  3. Tap on the padlock icon again when finished so the padlock now appears “Locked”.
  4. You can now begin using your sequence.

Increasing Your Sequence Viewing Area

To increase the viewing area of the Sequence rows below the Animation panel, drag the partition line up towards the Animation panel as needed.

 Sequence Row Obscured.png

Splint Sequence Partially Obscured

 Sequence Row Revealed.png

Splint Sequence Fully Visible


Having some issues using your BiteFX for iPad? Here’s some common issues that are easily remedied.

Troubleshooting Table.png

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